Winnipeg and area TLN Citizens: ASSEMBLE

On Wednesday at 7pm ET (6pm CT) our beloved Leafs are taking on the one man show of some Finnish kid who will never be as good as Auston.. and the Jets.

We have caught wind of a nation party taking place in the small town of Winnipeg that night just down the road from their adorable arena called MTS Centre.. MTS Bell Place…holder for another sponsor here. The Pint Winnipeg starting at 5pm.

Wouldn’t it be grand if our loyal Manitobans of the LeafsNation decided to take over what was to be a JetsNation soiree and make it THE hub for Leafs fans to dance on the note of the beginning to our undefeated season?

We have arranged for an air drop (see what I did there… Jets and airplanes.. you get it.) of LeafsNation gear to be placed at the Pint Winnipeg and given to the brave Citizens whom infiltrate the enemy lines and let the party people know you’re there from TLN.


The Pint Winnipeg


5pm CT


Show JetsNation how real hockey fans travel.

So Nation. Find a Leafs fan in Manitoba, or Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia that you know. Share this with them. Get them to Winnipeg. Get them there fast. Make JetsNation’s party Leafs again NOW.

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