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Postgame: Blackhawks? Downed.

So this was a little more of a nail-biter than the last two. And by a little, I mean the Leafs were down 2-0, and 3-1, and then came back and won it in overtime. But, as predicted, it was definitely fun to watch. Fluky bounces aside, I am really feeling this team.

3 games, 3 wins.

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Looking at the last half, especially, the Leafs absolutely deserved this win.

1st Period

In the battle of the 15-goal 2-0 teams, only Chicago kept their momentum going from their first two games of the season… the Leafs not so much, at least not in the first period.

First, Jan Rutta’s shot went in off Marner’s stick, and I think he probably needed a hug after that one. The Blackhawks’ second goal was kind of fluky, too, when Jonathan Toews tucked a rebound behind a stick-less Frederik Andersen.

2nd Period

There were so many penalties this period. At least, that’s how it felt on Twitter.

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And then the Leafs finally got one past Forsberg! Nikita Zaitsev snuck up for a dish from Connor Brown and then it was 2-1 (still Chicago, for now).

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We saw some good action from Gardiner and Nylander, which is always a treat, but nothing else materialized, for either team.

3rd Period

Andreas Borgman reminded us he was in the game when he went to the box for a questionable hit on Alex DeBrincat, which resulted in a Blackhawks PPG. Richard Panik was the beneficiary of yet another lucky bounce, and then it was starting to look a little scary at 3-1.

But never fear! Downtown Connor Brown is here! He got the Leafs back within one, and it was a great reminder of how he is basically wasted on the fourth line. But that’s not the point, because he scored.

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And then Tyler Bozak banked one in off JVR on the power play and suddenly we were tied at 3, which is a perfectly respectable hockey score. Even if I was hoping for 15-14 Leafs, just a little bit.


Literally nothing about this OT matters except Auston Matthews. Not only did he score the OT winner, but it was a beauty. And then not only was it a beauty, but his celly afterward was designed specifically for this exact situation. See for yourself:

Beautiful. What a dude. Hit ’em with the OT winner.


This is definitely true. Then again, we might be biased.

With Connor Brown grabbing a goal and an assist, and Calle Rosen with an assist on the Zaitsev goal, one name is conspicuously absent from the scoresheet, three games in…

Also, I’m not sure if the Leafs saw this tweet, but the win would suggest that maybe someone shouted it to them during intermission:

Raise your hand if you’re even more on board the Auston Matthews train, three games into his sophomore season.

And I’m not the only one who’s ready to see Connor Brown back in the top nine…

See you Wednesday against the New Jersey Devils. Puck drop is set for 7:30 p.m. at the ACC.

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  • DukesRocks

    I was curiously waiting for this game to gage-o-meter just how good the Buds are against an elite team. After watching the Hawks destroy the Pens earlier, I was just praying we could at least get a point. I was hoping for a good game from the Buds and they delivered. With the score 2-0, (a fluke 1st goal and bad luck on 2nd goal), I was curious, how would the Leafs respond. Although, the Leafs weren’t having much luck, they were pushing the pace and taking it to the Hawks. In every aspect of the game, the Leafs were dominating. The great thing while the Leafs were behind, I never sensed they were playing desperate hockey. They were in control throughout the whole game, paying close attention to their defensive assignments. This game for me was an indication of the true potential of this team and we still haven’t seen just how good that is. Hyman against Rangers and Brown against Hawks, great having T.O. boys on your team.

    Brownie and Zaitsev are my first and second star. Anderson was great and Mathews was a beast. Minor shout out to Babs with in game adjustments of getting Brown some minutes on the Kadri line.

  • lukewarmwater

    My oh my oh my. Now that was indeed fun. Happy thanksgiving to one and all with the big old turkey being served along with a desert of a Auston Matthews o.t. beauty.
    Opponents are realising that this is a category hurricane 5 on offence with 4 lines and a defense crew that is racking up the goals and assists.
    Leaf nation really into the games and it is only the first week of the season.
    What a perfect day, as we gnawed on the turkey leg and got thrilled and chilled a little with another leaf victory only to be followed by Blake Shelton kicking little Adam’s ass. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • The Panik goal was no lucky bounce. Looking at the replay only focused on Panik, you can see that he is already looking at the boards where the puck comes from before it is even shot. He was expecting the puck to come because it was planned. Also, Forsling shot the puck flat along the ice, wide by 5 feet. Any shot aimed remotely at the net would be about 1-foot off the ground, and at least a little closer than that.