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LeBrun: JVR’s contract likely to be similar to TJ Oshie’s

Today on Insider Trading, Pierre LeBrun of the TSN and The Athletic made some comments related to the Leafs’ biggest ticket pending UFA, James Van Riemsdyk.

Here is what he said:

There haven’t been any serious discussions, I’m told, on [JVR’s contract], but certainly some dialogue, and what I’m hearing is that I think that JVR would be willing to do an 8 year contract if it meant that it’s more cap friendly to the Toronto Maple Leafs… Think about TJ Oshie’s deal in Washington… JVR does not want to leave Toronto, does not want to leave the good ship.

Oshie’s contract is for $5.75M for the 8 seasons total, beginning this year in 2017-18.

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Fitting this contract into the Leafs’ cap situation will be tricky but it could be possible. Without having dug into the math, it’s very difficult to say.

With the cap set at $75M for this year, and unlikely to rise significantly next year, the Leafs are looking at an intriguing situation. Van Riemsdyk, Bozak and Komarov are all key performers for this team, but are all heading to UFA. This gives them some room to work with, but there won’t be a whole lot.

Comparatively, this is what a HERO Chart looks like between JVR and Oshie:

What do you think? If Toronto were to sign JVR to Oshie’s contract, would that be a good idea?

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  • doug bell

    Just adding up salaries on cap-friendly site shows Leafs cannot afford any of our U.F.A.s after signing the kids. A lot of draft picks will be gained in trades at deadline.

  • Hugh Allan

    I don’t understand why LeBrun is so anxious to resign JVR? JVR became redundant when the Leafs signed Marleau to a $6+ million a year deal. With contracts for Nylander, Matthews, Marner and Gardner coming up, it would seem to be a gross error in judgement to Resign JVR to a $5.5 – $6 million a year deal for 6 – 8 year. JVR is a much better trade chip and should bring the Leafs a 1st round pick somewhere between now and the trade deadline. Hopefully sooner than later for fear he gets hurt.

  • Skill2Envy

    I have my doubts Toronto will even trade him. I see the reasoning with him being a UFA and him being a good trade chip but Toronto’s chances at the Cup are better with him, Bozak and Komarov playing out their deals.

    If JVR is traded, I suspect it will be to acquire an asset that can help now and in the future, not just lottery picks. Think a Noah Hanifin, Josh Manson or they try to find a young centre. I just don’t see JVR being moved for picks if at all.