Leafs Postgame: Brownie Points

“The Leafs are not playing low event hockey.” -Ray Ferraro 1st Period So many great chances to start the game, the Leafs’ fourth line especially had some nice time in the offensive zone. 🙂 Scoring chances after 3 1/2 minutes were 6-1 Toronto, according to the broadcast. And even with a Caps PP at the…


REPORT: Sens fans are stressing about Auston Matthews again

Friends, I regret to inform you that fans of the Ottawa Senators are at it again. Despite being 3-0-2, having their superstar captain Erik Kalrsson set to return to the lineup tonight, and not actually having a game against the Leafs until this weekend, they’re worrying about Auston Matthews.


LGD: Round One Rematch

It didn’t take long into the season for the Leafs to get a rematch against their playoff rivals and a little revenge would nice. Personally I wouldn’t mind Matt Martin getting some of that revenge on Tom Wilson’s face, but also winning a game of hockey would be nice. Alexander Ovechkin has been reminding everyone…