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Leafs Postgame: Brownie Points

“The Leafs are not playing low event hockey.” -Ray Ferraro

1st Period

So many great chances to start the game, the Leafs’ fourth line especially had some nice time in the offensive zone. 🙂 Scoring chances after 3 1/2 minutes were 6-1 Toronto, according to the broadcast. And even with a Caps PP at the end, the Leafs dominated the first period. Shots may have been even at 7, but the Leafs officially outchanced the Capitals 9-6.

2nd Period

The Capitals finished up their first period power play, and registered zero shots on goal. After the penalty kill, Babcock hit ’em with the Big Three, and Matthews skated a shift with Nylander and Marner, which was beautiful to see.

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This game should’ve had way more goals, which I said to myself repeatedly throughout the entire 60 minutes. How can the two most offensively explosive teams in the NHL be 0-0 through two periods?

3rd Period

The Leafs got their own power play thanks to Alex Ovechkin, but halfway through, Bozak slashed someone, so it was over all too quickly. But not before we got to watch some wacky fun with passing.

FINALLY A GOAL! Under six minutes left in the game, but Connor Brown knows what the people want.

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Holtby was pulled in the final two minutes, but the empty net didn’t help much, and the Caps looked almost as disorganized as they did in the first period. Oh, and Nazem Kadri beat Alex Ovechkin and scored an empty-netter.

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Toronto expects ALL the goals.

Hopefully Babs can find a way to keep Connor Brown in the top nine without demoting Mitch Marner, though… With different linemates, it’s almost as if his game might possibly improve.

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Congratulations to Frederik Andersen on his first shutout of the season!

And postgame Freddie is all of us:

The Leafs are 5-1-0, and since it was an early game, they’re currently #1 in the league at the time of posting. Since we’re already six games in, it’s probably time to start planning the parade.

See y’all tomorrow, when Auston Matthews will break his one-game point drought against Detroit, probably.

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  • lukewarmwater

    I was actually eating a brownie when Connor scored. Yes indeed Moses will score tomorrow night for if ye have the faith of a mustard seed nothing shall be impossible for you. Hayley you must beleaf. Btw solid article.

  • DukesRocks

    I actually thought about the idea of putting Marner on the 4th line and Brown on the second line, before the season started. The idea was more about rolling 4 lines that could score (meaning there’s not number 1 line). The problem I had with the Bozak line from last year and the same old same old this year was, the defensive liability. I always felt Marner (for obvious reasons) needs a heavy presence around him. JVR who has size, isn’t a great forechecker like Hyman or Brown. This hurts the line, when you have Bozak and Marner who can get pushed off the puck around the boards. While I understand the need for Martin, I was thinking more along the lines of Leivo Gauthier and Marner as a future line or Leivo/Martin – Moore/Fehr and Marner for now. I was thinking that you play Martin against heavy big teams and Leivo against speedy skilled teams. At very least, I would test the waters to see, what my liabilities are without Martin and what liberties the opponents take with Marner, Nylander and Mathews.

    After watching tonight games, the 4 line looked more dangerious than I have every seen them, all 4 lines had scoring chances and Babs did a great job of distributing the minutes.

  • Capt.Jay

    I seriously think that if Brown continues like this JVR is traded for a defenceman. I also wonder what Babs and Lou are thinking. 3 scoring lines and a true 4th line for checking or do you go with 4 scoring lines. I thought Marner played center in Junior. Would you dare move Nylander from Matthews and put Marner on his line so Nylander can play and learn center on a sheltered 4th line or do you try Marner there? 4th line of Leivo Nylander Kapennen while doing a Hyman Matthews Marner. I mean holy crap that’s a lot to throw at any team. Maybe we get a heavy defenceman to be our bodyguard.