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Leafs Postgame: Freddy wasn’t ready

If y’all thought that Kings game was nerve-wracking, you may not have been ready for this one. (Spoiler: not as happy of an ending.) Let’s try and put this one behind us, shall we?

Look, Corsi!

(This actually doesn’t look as lopsided as things started to feel in the third period…)

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1st Period

Two opposition goals in the first three minutes….. not really how you want to start against a team that keeps earning the title “offensively-challenged”. (According to the broadcast, Carolina had only scored five first period goals in their whole season until tonight.)

Auston Matthews gets #8 on the year, and now he is third in the league for goals (second at even-strength). He just hops on the ice and BAM people are watching again. Or maybe they were watching for Leo Komarov’s hit to clear up some space. Either way!

Freddy made this amazing glove save on Noah Hanifin…

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….and then one got tipped past him and the Hurricanes were up by two goals again.

Overall, not really the best start for Andersen this season.

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2nd Period

How about some love for that fourth line? It might have been a demotion for Mitch Marner, but I think his new linemates probably have not been complaining. Marner wasn’t even right there for this one, and Matt Martin’s primary on Dominic Moore’s goal was the 100th of his career!

And look, Zach Hyman scored, too! Tied it up, even.

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Martin left the bench briefly, and that’s when lines started getting weird. At first it was just Brown and Marner bouncing around, but it only got weirder after Martin came back. We even got some time with Matthews centering Marleau and Marner late in the the second, which I think I could get on board with.

3rd Period

When the Leafs went on the power play, Bozak and Kadri got kicked out of the face-off (we’re still not sure exactly what happened there), and after a moment of confusion, the officials confirmed a penalty for Naz and went with two whole minutes of 4-on-4. It was pretty fun, though, even without a goal.

But really, what was with that penalty?

This period was just a mess of lines for the Leafs. We got JVR with Marner and Marleau, Kadri centering Moore and Martin, maybe? And other fun things that didn’t get goals on the board, unfortunately.

Six = most goals Carolina has scored in a single game this season.

Six = number of goals the Leafs keep giving up in losses.

Goals are great, but they’re less great when the Leafs get less of them than the other team.

It was just a rough third period, okay? Anyway, 7-3-0 is better than most of the league!

See you Saturday. Philly’s in town.

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  • bencat22

    Easy to jump all over the Leafs when they lay another egg and yes, this one was an Albatross. Consistency has been a problem all season, … , far too loose in overall team defence and, let’s get this out of the way immediately, the Leafs are not, repeat, are NOT the Stanley Cup favourites for 2017-18. To say that is idiotic. Fourteen points out of a possible 20, on the surface looks pretty decent but, you can really see some cracks in the concrete, can’t you ?
    I know, patience, patience is still required but we were badly smacked by a much younger team last night and our 3 seasonal losses have had a similar bad odour to each one. Clubs with structure and discipline, namely, the Devils, the Senators and, last night, the Hurricanes tend to give Toronto nightmares.
    Too many guys playing like ping pong balls, here, there and everywhere, namely, Jake Gardiner, [drives me nuts, …, is he a D-man or what ?], and Nazem Kadri, to name just two. Team defence wins over the long run and these guys are all over the map. Mike Babcock and his coaching have a great of work ahead.
    BTW, Carolina’s Noah Hanifin is a big, fast, young D-man, … , playing a strong role in their defence first mindset.

  • jimithy

    What a slow lazy team. The Waffle Five have welcomed a couple of new members to their to their little clique namely Nylander and Zaitsev.
    What is the point of putting Zaitsev on the ice? How was he offered a contract?
    This team is a joke. They still cannot exit their own zone with the puck on their stick. This is absurd.
    Nylander is too soft and too small to make any real difference. And it’s getting a little old putting up with Kadri’s habit of only showing up for 3 minutes each game. He takes a shot, makes a hit, falls down, and that’s it, he’s done for the night. $5million a year!
    The scouts are still scouting deadbeats. What a mess.
    Another season watching Bozak JVR and Marner get toyed with in their own zone.
    Wasn’t that Hunter guy supposed to bring toughness to this team?

    • lukewarmwater

      Crawl back under that rock maggot. Notice how you being an A-Hole troll only have commented on three games. Get it straight PUNK you won’t be trolling much this year as the leafs will have one of the best records in the league.

  • bencat22

    The Flyers visit the ACC tomorrow night and they just came off a 5 – 4 loss to Ottawa last night, so Philadelphia is in exactly the same situation as the Hurricanes were when they came Toronto last night. Carolina’s previous game was a loss to Tampa Bay. In short, you’ve got a ‘ pissed off team’ coming into Toronto after an annoying loss Thursday night.
    The loosey, goosey Buds might be just what the doctor ordered for the testy Flyers. Sure hope Mike Babcock can get the attention of his troops.
    In the ‘old hindsight is 20/20 discussion’, it’s worth keeping an eye on Ivan Provorov on the Flyers ‘D’. He went at # 7 overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, 3 places after Mitch Marner. Provorov is excellent. Also, Travis Konecny was a guy we could have selected in 2015 with our second Round #1 pick but, we got extra picks for giving that pick, [eventually Travis Konecny], to the Flyers. We ended up with Travis Dermott at # 34 overall and, Andrew Nielsen, I think at # 65 overall. I like Demott’s upside, not so bullish on Nielsen, [both players are currently with the Marlies]. In the meantime, Provorov and Konecny are playing well for the Flyers. I plan to watch both of them closely this Saturday night.

  • Capt.Jay

    Wow! When I hear things like “we need a defenceman or two” and then I see a game like this I’ll point my finger towards the coaching staff. I’ve only been able to watch the last 3 games and I’ll tell you this, it’s the whole team and the defensive system as a whole is terrible.

    On another note. On Kadris face off penalty the Carolina player moved his stick long before Kadri did. The NHL is a joke with their new rules. Silly. A coach should be able to challenge that. But then again we already have too many challenges that are slowing down the game.

  • Tough game to watch, Freddy makes some big saves sometimes but then lets in 2-3 stinkers. I would put the Leafs forward group against any in the league, but they are short 1 or 2 big pieces on the back end, and don’t play with enough structure and discipline consistently enough to cover those deficiencies. I don’t think they can wait 3 or 4 years for Liljegren to fill that hole, and should have traded some of their forward depth long ago. It’s a learning process though for this young team, and they will get better…. even in a bad game Matthews and Nylander look dominant out there.