5 Photos of Jaden Smith Accompanied By Randy Carlyle Quotes

A while back during my first stint at TLN I took a look at how Randy Carlyle pictures could be improved by the addition of Jaden Smith quotes. Some of you liked it, and a lot more of you wanted to have me committed. Since tonight sees the reunion of the Leafs and their former coach, I thought I’d see if the quotes and pictures could work the other way. So here are five images of Jaden Smith that are improved with the addition of Randy Carlyle quotes.

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Clearly this is a phenomenon that works both ways and it’s safe to assume that Jaden Smith and Randy Carlyle are kindred spirits on different paths of enlightenment. We can only hope that somehow they will be brought together and set up an art installation. I’ll assume it will be called QomPeet Lvl, and critics will declare it was “just okay”.

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If you were looking for the pre-game post for tonight’s game, it can be found here.

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