LGD: Amateur Knight

While Leafs fans are preparing for the next rebuild, the schedule has gifted them a home game against an expansion team that is currently using their fourth string goaltender. This should be an easy night, but you can’t ignore that fact that the Leafs have been
A) playing terrible lately
B) historically tend to lose games like this

No matter what, it’s nice that the Leafs are back in the eastern time zone where they belong and we can only hope it will reverse the misfortune they’ve endured ever since Ottawa showed the NHL that the Leafs can’t solve the trap.

Lineups via DailyFaceOff.com

Loose Change

  • There is this…
  • Funny thing about that, it’s likely nothing. It’s a game day skate. Of course now that I’ve said that, I’m prepared to be comically wrong about it.
  • Andersen looks to be back in net because the other option is terrible.
  • Maxime Legace looks to be back in net for Vegas because because there isn’t any other option
  • Why is the Vegas 3rd pairing so much better than their first two?
  • A loss tonight would make the Leafs a .500 team. Is this the point where total panic takes over?
  • No matter what the outcome I think it’s safe to say the worst part of the evening will be the Golden Knights twitter feed.
  • After a rough road trip, I think we all need this…

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