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Josh Leivo signs one-year, $925k extension

Well, that wasn’t really what we were expecting on a Friday afternoon, but here you go.

Leivo, the butt of many “press box” and “Mike Babcock hates him” jokes (and/or reality?), is sticking around for another season.

His stats

This year, Josh Leivo has played 5 games and has just a lone assist. Last year, Josh Leivo played 13 games and had 2 goals and 8 assists. The year before that, Leivo had 12 games, five goals, and no assists.

In total, Leivo has played 46 games, mostly on the team’s fourth line, where he’s amassed 19 points over 46 games. Most fans would agree he’s a versatile, cheap option… but past that, well, Leafs Nation likes to debate a lot about this guy.

A few thoughts

  • Maybe this is a security move for both the team and the player. Leivo gets another guaranteed year on his deal, and the Leafs get another NHL-ready body for cheap.
  • The move cost the Leafs next to nothing (in terms of NHL salaries), which is good.
  • Does Josh Leivo just love being in the Toronto organization that much? Why not head to greener pastures and look for an organization who would give him regular minutes? Does such an organization exist?
  • Does this mean anything for JVR, Komarov, and Tyler Bozak? Maybe, but it’s hard to really say that 925k in cap space would be the difference between the deciding the future of those three players.

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  • Skill2Envy

    I thought this was a odd move from Leivo’s camp. He has barely played and one would figure he would at least finish the year before committing to possible press box duty again.

    The deal actually makes a lot of sense for both parties though. First, Leivo likes playing for his home team so I can understand wanting to be a Leaf. You would assume at least 2 spots (JVR, Bozak and Komarov) will open up this summer giving Leivo a better chance. Josh also guarantees himself a contract next season, where he might have had to take a PTO with the small NHL sample he has had over what will be just over 2 seasons.

    This makes sense from a management perspective if Leivo doesn’t remain with the team because he will be an asset with term. At the very worst we get another season of good forward depth in the 13th+ spots but hopefully he gets a fair shake for the remainder of the season and next if he remains.

  • Matmarwill

    I am glad Josh is on board for another year. I just wish he’d learn how to play on the pk so he’d get more fourth line action.

    I dunno about whether next year will open anything up for him, cuz I can see jvr and komo getting resigned, and even bozie if the cost/term is right. Still, injuries can/do occur and leiv’s should get his chance sometime. I am sure he’ll do fine when his time arrives.