#BudsFeed: The Top 12 Mitch Marner Tweets of 2012

If I know millennials, and I do in fact know several, I know that they love listicles. I, too, love listicles, so I am pleased to be able to bring back #BudsFeed for all of your millennial-tailored content needs.

It’s become increasingly difficult to find anything of intrigue from our favorite Leafs players on social media. Save for the reanimated corpse of Joffrey Lupul posting the occasional passive-aggressive Instagram post, the well of online #content coming from Leafs players themselves has run pretty dry.

Can you blame them, though? If Lou Lamoriello were breathing down my neck, I’d probably opt for a flip-phone and delete all of my social media accounts.

Thankfully, however, all hope is not lost if we dig deep enough into the archives of some of our favorite boys in blue and white. So, without further ado, I am happy to share with you today the definitive ranking of the Top 12 Mitch Marner Tweets from 2012.


We’ll kick things off with the first ever tweet from our boy Mitch. We’ll give him this — it’s a lot better than most people’s dumb first Tweets, ranging from “Is this thing on?” to “tweet tweet”. Mitch jumps right in here, letting us all know how he thinks. He appears pleasantly surprised by how funny Looney Tunes is (apparently not funny enough, however, to merit spelling the name correctly). Not bad at all.


Short, sweet, and relatable. Isn’t that the recipe for a perfect Tweet, after all? On September 16th, Mitch Marner was all of us. The heart emoticon at the end (this might have been the pre-emoji era!) really hammers this one home. The one jarring thing is the fact that this Tweet was sent out at 3:14am, which should have been well past 15-year old Mitch’s bedtime.


First off, I’d like to thank the ten valiant souls who ultimately did help Mitch get to 200 followers on twitter dot com. Secondly, to the 92,100 people who were too late to the game, I ask: what took you so long?

This Tweet is also an impressive relic that proves that Mitch Marner once had fewer followers than me.


This Tweet really shines in its Retweet potential. Is it a Leafs’ gameday? Give this little guy a RT and bless your followers with some positivity from Mitch Marner himself!

Plus, I’m sure this is a feeling we can all relate to if it’s been a couple of days since the last Leafs game. Knowing we can watch our favorite boys in Blue and White at the end of the day is always something to look forward to.


This is the type of Tweet that’s always good to store in your back pocket for when Mitch inevitably turns it up and starts racking up points like he was last season. Sneak this Tweet onto your followers’ timelines to give them a little taste of what’s to come when Mitch takes to the ice the next day. While I have no idea what this Tweet could be remotely referencing, it’s a powerful one for your arsenal!


Did Mitch Marner just dangle somebody out of their contract? I’ve got good news for you – this Tweet is free to source and Retweet every time he makes anybody look stupid. You can thank me later.


So mysterious!

Here’s the thing – if you’re a 20-year old in 2017, that means that 2012 was a very different time for you. It was a time for cryptic, moody Tweets like this one that leave everyone wondering what horrible thing anybody could have possibly done to our golden boy Mitch Marner to leave him so gutted.

The one thing I’d be curious to know is whether, in fact, Mitch has spoken to them since.


Remember when iPhones had a headphone jack and didn’t cost $1000 a pop? I do, and so does Mitch Marner. It looks like Christmas of 2012 was a happy day in the Marner household; happy enough to prompt the hashtag #thanksmomanddad from the sweetest boy to ever live.

The other thing to consider? That phone probably facilitated more Tweeting, so Mr. and Mrs. Marner were doing God’s work.


Another one with endless Retweetability. Are the Leafs not playing? Smash that Retweet button, folks. You know you’re feeling the same way as 2012 Mitch Marner was.


As for this one… I’m stumped, Mitch. It’s a boring day without hockey, but game days are boring too? Don’t let Babs hear you say that, or he’ll put you on a D pairing with Roman Polak!

This Tweet is just hilarious in conjunction with the previous one and is a great example of how Twitter is just a space to complain into the void when you’re a teenager, or also always.


If you hadn’t known this was 2012, you could have guessed based on this Tweet. This is one of the few that is genuinely aged, while still being hilarious and endearing. I hope this is still a normal thing for the Marner family.


This one is essentially just Mitch reacting to this listicle, but in the past. Coincidentally, this is also my response when I remember that Mitch Marner, William Nylander and Auston Matthews are all Toronto Maple Leafs, so it’s fair to say that he was reading my mind.

Honorable Mention:

This one isn’t from 2012, but it does serve as a reminder that Mitch Marner is the sweetest boy, and that we should love him always.

Keep doing you, Mitch. And please start Tweeting again.


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