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WWYDW: What would you do to remedy the Leafs’ slow starts?

The Leafs have sure won a lot of hockey games this season. Take a look at the standings, and it’s hard to find too much to really worry about. Sure, we can argue about lineup changes, the backup goaltending situation, and a few other

But for whatever reason, they haven’t played that great lately in the opening… ten or fifteen minutes. Last night was the first time in seven games that they entered the first intermission with a lead.

In response, Mike Babcock had this to say today:

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If you were the head coach of the Leafs, what would YOUR remedy be?

Create a potion to force the Leafs to play better?

Challenge the Leafs to a drag race?

Pelt them with watermelons?

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Bring in a hypnotist?

Go on a bender?

Mario Kart tourney?

Bag skates every day until they learn their lesson?

Play Mitch Marner, William Nylander and Auston Matthews every other shift?

Pull the goalie from the opening faceoff to force the Leafs to play offence?

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Or would you do something more serious, like come up with a realistic lineup change that might actually be able to get things going?

Serious or not, please Leaf your comments below.

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