The Steve Dangle Podcast | IOC U Later | December 5, 2017

Don’t ban yourself from listening. On this episode, Russia has been banned from the Olympics (00:00) The SDP takes over Montreal (20:00) Babcock tried Nylander at centre at practice (29:00) Polak has not been good lately (38:00) Bad tweets (54:30) Key Arena is happening in Seattle (1:10:00) and the press conference (Forbes most valuable franchises,…


Oilers Need A Backup Goaltender. Leafs Have Three. Discuss.

With my wife away on business my morning commute this morning meant that I didn’t have an objector to me choosing to listen to TSN Edmonton on the drive in this morning. I consider my wife’s presence somewhat of a blessing because sports radio is terrible and she saves me from myself everyday. Today, I…


The way-too-early look at Leafs trade deadline targets

As this title suggests, this season might be a bit too young to start talking playoff rental options, but when you sit back and think about it, are we really that far away from those discussions? Christmas is in three weeks, and after that you know the “Trade Bait” boards and such are going to…


Is Roman Polak Safe?

Well, the Leafs are still good, and there’s pretty much nothing to complain about lately, so I think it’s time I beat the dead horse again and talked about Roman Polak.