LFR11 – Game 29 – Team Spearit – Cgy 1, Tor 2 (SO)

Fredzina, baby.

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  • leafdreamer

    No Steve, we have no reason to call up AHL goalies to play once a month in the NHL when our backup is perfectly fine in his role. If he starts to play really badly then this makes more sense but he’s been fine. Sparks and Picard are much better off playing in the AHL and maybe winning something down there. It also wouldn’t be easy to carry out the callup without losing somebody on waivers. I think Sparks and Pickard can become a factor if Andersen gets hurt and we need a starter. Brodeur played 70+ games throughout his prime and hardly ever got hurt. I think the orders to play Andersen this much are coming straight from Lou above and I think it’s all good.