WWYDW: Where would you hang out with Connor Carrick?

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Connor Carrick has a lot of free time these days, particularly after 7 pm. A healthy scratch again last night, many of us are wondering when the heck he’ll be back in the lineup.

And let’s get real. Connor Carrick probably doesn’t want to be in the press box every night. It’s gotta be hard to feel like you’re not getting your best usage, watching your friends skate around and hit the pucks while you’re just sitting back eating popcorn.

So where would you take Connor Carrick on a friendly excursion to get him away from the press box.
The Library, to read up on the events of history? Go for some coffee in Liberty Village? Take him on a cruise of Toronto Harbour? Test his luck at the Hockey Hall of Fame’s interactive exhibit?  Hit up a music festival? Karaoke? The arcade?Or just hang out with him and his dog Hoagie and play video games or something?

Leave your replies in the comments below.

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  • buddha hat

    I would take Connor Carrick for a fully catered day to the video room where we would span the entire day building the definitive Carrick>>>Polak video for Mike Babcock. Michael Moore would be our special guest writer/director/producer. Catering would be by Taco Bell, Arby’s and Pizza Hut. Since we are working, beverages would be chosen from the cellars of Soda Pop Central in Whitby.

  • lukewarmwater

    I would take him out for dinner and simply explain to him that similar to Frankie, he isn’t in the interest of the leafs game plan. Nice kid, works hard, but come next season, there will be at least 2 replacements on the blue line. Connor isn’t part of the leaf future. Now is Polak part of the future? Of course he isn’t. But Babcock hasn’t got anyone on the blue line who plays a physical game. At best Polak and Carrick will be in and out of the line up this season and will be elsewheresville next year.