Leafs Postgame: Hockey is terrible

Ah, so we’re back at the “hate ourselves and the Leafs every time we’re watching them” stage again. It might not be time to start really really worry about the Leafs, but boy, they’re making it tough to cheer for them a heck of a lot either. What narratives are we going to rely on tonight? Too…


LGD: Hot n’ Ready

What a bag of trash last night was. Over the last month, every single person in Leaf Land who possesses even the smallest grasp of predictive analytics has become Chicken Little, desperately warning the oblivious villagers of the skies impending collapse. Well, last night it happened. Facing Minnesota, The Leafs put forth their worst game…


TLN Roundtable: Worrying about Auston

Friends, hello. Welcome to Friday and the TLN Roundtable discussion. Today, H0ckeyfan asks… On a scale of 1-10, what’s your panic level about Auston Matthews’ injury issues?


The Steve Dangle Podcast | Baybaw | December 14, 2017

Do you like buildings? On this episode, #TheSuiteLifeWithAdamAndSteve (00:00) Kyle Turris said A THING and the Ottawa Senators held a press conference to say “this is fine” (03:00) Steve is learning baybaw (38:00) Alex Stalock versus the Toronto Maple Leafs (46:00) Do the Leafs have a serious problem on the ice? (51:00) Eric Francis’ Flames article and…


Morning-after recap: More like Alex Sta-loss

Well, that was about as forgettable a hockey game as you’ll ever watch. Were there a lot of goals? No. Were there a lot of cool saves? Also no. Any good fights? Any good storylines? Well, an AHL depth goaltender who was briefly in the Leafs organization just happened to pitch a shutout against them….