Leafs Postgame: Hockey is terrible

Ah, so we’re back at the “hate ourselves and the Leafs every time we’re watching them” stage again.

It might not be time to start really really worry about the Leafs, but boy, they’re making it tough to cheer for them a heck of a lot either.

What narratives are we going to rely on tonight?

  • Too many games in too few days?
  • Too many road games early on in the season?
  • Mike Babcock scared against his former team?
  • Auston Matthews still out?
  • Young team getting their legs?
  • Too much chasing and dumping and not enough running and gunning?
  • Too many nights and not enough Buds All Day?

Anyway, let’s get into the hockey. For the second night in a row, it was a pretty “bleh” game and not a great loss where the Leafs inspired a ton of confidence.


Hot start, and then a bit of back-and-forth. Big push at the end (including a little over a minute with the goalie pulled), but hey, that’s hockey.

1st period:

The Leafs started decently!

The Leafs scored 1:58 into the game and took a 1-0 lead into the break. The Leafs carried the shot clock 12-7, and for once recently, maybe they’d pull out a straightforward W over a bad team.

**Star Wars Spoiler**

They didn’t.

2nd period:

A pair of weird things happened.

First, Danny DeKeyser absolutely nailed this shot. It was his first goal of the season, because as you know, he’s not very good at hockey.

Then Trevor Daley scored a shorthanded goal on the Leafs. It was his first goal as a Detroit Red Wing, which you know, he’s also not very good. If there was a good explanation other than “Curtis McElhinney missed it, we don’t have one.

3rd period:

Third period, against the Red Wings? Down by one?

Time for a Tomas Tatar power play goal!


See you Tuesday, as the Leafs take on the Hurricanes at 2 p.m.

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  • lukewarmwater

    I needed an antidote from the horrible hockey the leafs have been playing so I wanted scoring and naturally I watched the Raptors kick Brooklyn’s asses back over that bridge 120 to 87.
    Best thing for leaf fans and for the team is to simply forget about the game of hockey till Tuesday. But Babcock the $50 million dollar man to quote Desi Arnez has some splaining to do.

  • FlareKnight

    I didn’t miss this kind of feeling. Hating watching the game, hating myself for cheering for the Leafs, and hating the Leafs for being an utter disappointment. This sucks!

    Maybe it is just a rough stretch for everyone. The team, the coaches, just everyone sucks right now. This was always an ugly part of the schedule. But darn it is unpleasant to watch in action. I just hope they get through this sooner than later.

  • lukewarmwater

    I remember the last Olympics and good old Bobby had all this fire power, all-star after all-star and they played this same , boring, defensive style in the Olympics, especially in the last couple of games. Yeah, yeah he and the team won gold. I mean the style the leafs are playing makes the Seattle Sounders more of an offense , entertaining club. Case you didn’t know the Sounders didn’t get a shot on goal in last year’s final against Toronto F.C. and this year it took them around 60 minutes.
    Like I said a guaranteed cure for insomia. Way to go $50 million dollar coach for boring the hell out of us.

      • Capt.Jay

        Anybody would have had good results with that team Canada team. He had the best defense ever assembled backed by the best goalie in the world at the time on his game. He doesn’t have that in Toronto and he doesn’t seem to get that

  • Capt.Jay

    I wonder if Jon Cooper ever worried about playing the trap with his guys? Another finely coached game by Babcock. I’m not so worried about the loses as much as I am about how he is trying to change the way this offensively gift team plays.

    Very poor asset management

  • Glen

    If a team is boring, but winning and looking solid you can put up with it. The Leafs at this point are boring and bad! I hope this is a blip but this trend is disturbing. If Babcock treats the young players who are struggling with disdain and arrogance he will lose them. You cannot treat the young men of today like that.

  • Niceguytrieshardlovesthegame

    Gentlemen and ladies the Leafs are slumping but it’s time for everyone to breathe. Clearly I’m in the minority in deciding not to freak out. Yes, they’re not playing well and I don’t love the style of play but everything in life ebbs and flows.
    It’s hilarious that everyone thinks they know more than Babs. Are there times where I wished this or that happened? Or this guy was in the lineup instead of that guy? Yes, but the reality of the matter is that he’s an elite coach who isn’t here to appease every fan’s desire. Do I agree with everything he does? No! But I also understand he has depth of knowledge and experience that 99% of us can’t fathom, even though we believe we do. I know that as Leafs fans we’re conditioned to expect that the 18-wheeler is around the corner, but c’mon guys and gals.
    The boys are 20-13-1, good for top 5-7 in the league. They have (for now) survived with Awesome Matthews out of the lineup for like 8 games. Take the franchise player out of any lineup and the team is bound to be worse. Breathe, just breathe… Feel the force, it’s all around you. This is still a rebuild, they’re still learning and clearly Babs is attempting to upload different types of game plans into their heads. This is a process and they’ve said it a thousand times.
    When they snap this and start winning, are all of you going to keep posting?
    One more scorching take… I agreed with Babs about the Wild game. I thought the boys missed an incredible amount of shots high or wide trying to score. Nobody seemed to draw attention to the completely ridiculous Corsi results from that game (leafs amazing according to corsi chart) but are more than willing to point to the chart when they don’t play well and win. Be consistent everyone, and please don’t jump off the bandwagon yet… #theleafsarestillactuallygood

    • Glen

      I am not in a panic just commenting on the Leafs here and now. I don’t think I know more than Babcock but I still can have an opinion. This is for fun not life and death, although it is more fun with wins.

    • Kanuunankuula

      I would agree if it was only a short stretch and with Auston out. But it’s been liike this for a long stretch now, since the first few high flying games. They’ve been overperforming and % are going to even out. Right now this team in reality is a bubble team that’s benefited from percentages and a weak division.

    • Capt.Jay

      2 games above .500 in the last 26 games after their 7-1 start is concerning. Especially when they were outplayed in most of them and still won some. This is not a slump, it’s a trend

  • leafdreamer

    Again, Corsi’s not bad – we’ve just been missing the net a lot. At the risk of sounding ridiculous I’ll go ahead and say that that was another decent road game. We didn’t have enough in the tank to score another one or two early and help the Wings fall apart. Instead we gave them a stick to hold onto and they did. Big game for them with Ken Holland threatening to trade them all earlier in the day in Toronto radio and our goalie not standing in his head or getting the help from his piping like he did in his last shutout. You’re not supposed to win a back of the back-to-back on the road without your best player and with your back-up goalie. It’s not the end of the world (well, that depends on the seriousness of Austin’s injury of course) losing one to Detroit in their shiny empty new barn finally. Also, remember what they say about the first game back after a long road trip? Also, you know what they say about those mid-week vs. Carolina games? We may well lose another one before we start getting our mojo back and that will not be the end of the world either.

  • jimithy

    Nobody wants to admit it.
    The Leafs are the most boring team in the NHL.
    Blinded by the hype the fans don’t realize what fools they are. Supporting this Leaf franchise is priority #1.
    Who cares if we’re getting pucked all the time.

  • lukewarmwater

    As Capt. Jay astutely pointed out the leafs after that spectacular start of 7 and 1 are just 2 games over 500 in the next 26 games. But the stat that has me most concerned and I have pontificated on how M.L.S.E. has ROYALLY SCREWED this young team with an atrocious schedule that from Remembrance day to New Years Eve will have seen the leafs play 22 games with only 5 games at home. Part of the stretch it is 3 home games in 16 games. Now even the solid , established clubs will be slightly above 500 on the road. So here we have a young laden squad , learning how to win and they are saddled with that type of schedule. Bottom line is as past years have shown a losing streak leaves a club psychologically fragile . The 5 games in 7 days was a killer and should never be allowed. Similar to the N.F.L. having a team play Sunday , then again Thursday, shows owners really don’t care about the health of their team. The M.L.S.E. arena seems to be booked solid in November and December. Now this road crazy schedule isn’t immune to the leafs as the Raptors have played 16 of their first 26 on the road. But they have a number of veterans use to M.L.S.E. screwing them over the schedule. Now don’t give me it is the league that gives out the schedule, No, No, No, it is the club that submits the schedule to the league. Now last season the Raptors ended up on their longest and toughest road trip over Christmas. They had started the year 22 and 8 and once this trip started that saw them play the top teams in the west, travel all the way back here , there and everywhere for Christmas and then back to the west coast and play on New Years day after obviously celebrating New Years. Surprise, surprise the Raptors went on a big losing streak and really never recovered from it. So the reality is simply that unless you are one of the great N.H.L. teams of the past, namely the Canadians of the late 1950’s and 1970’s. the leafs of the 1960’s, the Islanders, the Oilers, most clubs in a 17 out of 22 games on the road will likely at best be around 8 and 14 , especially if you are playing 5 games in 7 days as part of this streak.
    So in anger most of us have gotten on certain players, the coach etc. But man , with M.L.S.E. the share holder comes first and as long as they are winning at the bank and trust me M.L.S.E. is raking in the money, the product on the ice or court is secondary as similar to Stravos, the Teachers Pension Fund, Ballard, the current three amigos of Rogers, Bell and Uncle Larry, know they have a fanatical, huge base of fans who they can kick to the curb by forcing this type of schedule on them so they can put any entertainment, convention , trade show in their barn. Bottom line happiness to the three Scrooges is having the new $800 million dollar naming rights Scotia Bank arena filled 365 days a year. Don’t think they don’t realise that leap year is getting closer, one more day to make a gazillion.
    Quite frankly it is extremely frustrating to know that the leafs each year have to put up with this type of crap schedule.