LFR11 – Game 33 – Stalock – Tor 0, Min 2

You can stop anytime now, Leafs.

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  • lukewarmwater

    Steverino I noticed that on one of the t.v. broadcasts you were indeed featured. This is quite an achievement for you and your rant today was dead on regarding the style of the way they are playing. Kind of reminds me of the Raptors on one of their long, long, long, road trips where they simply run out of gas. Yep HEH STEVERINO, the leafs are in a stretch of 5 out of 7 day part of the schedule, brought to you by M.L.S.E. I mean one doing this type of rant would of course be out raged, But wait just a minute, all of a sudden as you move up to the point where you are part of the broadcast you are WORKING FOR THE GUYS WHO OWN THE FREAKING TEAM.
    Seeing you can rant on for almost 9 minutes let me refer to another article in sports net where a baseball writer raves about Joe Biagiani being the Jays 5th starter. Never mind he stunk last year as a starter, no siree this guy guarantees he will be great next year. After all the guy has to bring home the bread, milk and butter for the family SO OF COURSE HE WILL WRITE A LAP POODLE ARTICLE.
    Bottom line Steverino I challenge you to go after M.L.S.E. for their outrageous scheduling that they put both the Raptors and Leafs through each season. Yep M.L.S.E. blue suits hear that the Yellow Belly Sap Sucker bird watching society is looking for a large convention site for 10 days in December, the bean counters of M.L.S.E. are first in line to book it. How bad has it been for both the Raptors and leafs in being second priority as M.L.S.E. which is truly a business and beholding to their share holders? Well one season a number of years ago when you were still in your pyjamas cheering on the leafs, M.L.S.E. had booked the ice capades for 10 days in November.
    Now up in by town, the black hole for Tax payers, good old Ottawa had a royal rumble going on. Paul Martin was out to screw Chretien. He succeeded and thus needed a big convention center in November for 10 days for a liberal leadership race. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, M.L.S.E. was delighted to have the liberals come into the Air Canada center in November of that year. YESIREE, the leafs played one freaking home game in November that season. Now as usual they were not a good team, but that schedule killed any playoff hopes.
    So Steve it would be wonderful for you to stay up to 2:30 a.m. do a little research on the business aspect of M.L.S.E. and it truly is STRICTLY BUSINESS. and do a rant on M.L.S.E. once again screwing their sports teams, btw the Raptors have played 16 of their first 26 games on the road to just emphasise my point.
    But you won’t do it Steverino and you know why. And guess what I would act the same way if I was in your shoes, because M.L.S.E. is helping you to bring home that butter, milk and bread. Me I prefer a golden retriever, others like lap poodles.