The Steve Dangle Podcast | Baybaw | December 14, 2017

Do you like buildings?

On this episode, #TheSuiteLifeWithAdamAndSteve (00:00)

Kyle Turris said A THING and the Ottawa Senators held a press conference to say “this is fine” (03:00)

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Steve is learning baybaw (38:00)

Alex Stalock versus the Toronto Maple Leafs (46:00)

Do the Leafs have a serious problem on the ice? (51:00)

Eric Francis’ Flames article and a rebuttal from Kent Wilson (1:01:00)

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Will Argos ever be a viable team in Toronto (1:21:00)

The Marlins are rebuilding and the Jays are refusing to rebuild (1:28:00)

John Tortorella’s 14 second press conference (1:34:30)

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and the press conference! (1:40:00).

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