Morning-after recap: *12 hours of gag noises*

Would we be totally wrong to say the Leafs are looking very boring of late?

The Buds had a rough one last night, struggling to pick up the victory over the not-very-good Detroit Red Wings.

1-0 Leafs (??? goal)

The broadcast first said it was Borgman, rumours were it might have hit Kapanen, either way it’s a 1-0 lead for the Leafs. Get traffic in front of the net, win the draw, blast the puck… Jimmy Howard didn’t see this bad boy at all.

The lead would last all the way into the second period, which was nice… while it lasted.

1-1 (Danny DeKeyser Goal)

Okay. Borgman and van Riemsdyk do their best to chase down the puck after Polak was caught, well, getting beat.

Danny DeKeyser isn’t really a defenceman you expect to be… scoring goals ever, but here we go.

“Curtis McElhinney doesn’t have a chance” is a phrase we’ve heard before, and probably will hear again.

2-1 Red WIngs (Trevor Daley Shorthanded Goal?)

Defend the pass? Defend the shot?

Wonder how your team ended up in this situation?

Jake Gardiner’s left hanging in this scenario and well, that’s a one-goal Wings lead we really weren’t expecting.

3-1 Wings (Tomas Tatar goal)

You ever watch soccer when one team gets a red card?

This is basically soccer, when one team gets a red card.

You don’t see a ton of goals coming off a rush when there’s four defenders back, but  Morgan Rielly misses Tomas Tatar coming in behind him and that slight advantage coming off the “cross” is what make the difference on this play.

Three losses in a row has us feeling some kind of way, and it’s not a good one.

The Leafs scored three goals in four games this week, so uh… it’s good time for a reset.

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