Monday Mailbag: Bye Week Edition

Hey everyone, it’s me again. Apparently I didn’t do a bad enough job at this last time, so here I am again, answering all of your questions and such.

Marcus was just paying homage to his all-time favourite Leaf Roman Polak, that’s all.

First, there is a lack of Roman Polak in your D pairings. Second, this team isn’t rebuilding anymore. Third, I could see this being a disappointing deadline for Leafs fans expecting a big deadline move. The team is in a weird situation where they’re contenders, but they also need to see what they have in their younger players before bringing in a guy like OEL. I think the Leafs intention when they signed Hainsey was to bring in a stop gap for a couple seasons and see what they had in their prospect pool before making a big move. If the team is really unsatisfied with their defense, I’d hope that they could go for a guy like Mike Green, but that’s a pipe dream.

You see Dylan, only the elite Leafs Nation writers get their name on the TLN author dropdown tab. You have to work really hard to put yourself amongst great names like Scott Maxwell, Adam Laskaris, Jon Steitzer, Scott Maxwell, Cam Lewis, Megan Kim, and Scott Maxwell. I just have yet to see that kind of compete from you. Which makes sense, as you are the father of William Nylander, notorious for not competing.

The dream for me would be Mike Green, because he’s the best of the group on the block, and the Leafs would be dealing with Ken Hololand (no, not a typo), who would somehow turn an easy 1st and a prospect return into a 2nd while retaining salary on Green’s contract. If Holland actually has some brains and wants a lot, a guy like Mark Pysyk would be ideal, especially since Florida is also dumb, and would probably take Leo Komarov for him.

When do the Leafs play next?

Probably because you’re whining about her leaving you in the comment section of a Twitter account of a Leafs blog.

When’s the last time your girlfriend has been to the eye doctor? She should probably have one soon.

With my limited American football knowledge, I’d probably go with the Buffalo Bills. Notorious for not winning, but never completely sucking, and the few times they have a chance to be good, they usually choke. But hey, at least they made the playoffs.

The thing with Johnson is that he isn’t *that* big of an upgrade over Polak. Like, anything’s better than Polak, but would you rather have Polak play limited minutes, or trade a decent amount of assets and go through the trouble of squeezing in his cap hit for a slight upgrade. Think the Sens dealing a first, third, Hammond ,and a prospect to upgrade Turris to Duchene, except the players are worse.

There you go Twitter, I just argued something in favour of Roman Polak. Have a field day.

Currently eating a peanut butter and peach jam sandwich, thanks for asking!


This is my lineup with both of them in:

*Disclaimer: the following lineup is NSFW, please do not continue if you are in an office or in class*


Brown – Matthews – Nylander/Marner

JVR – Sundin – Kessel

Marleau – Kadri – Marner/Nylander

Hyman – Bozak – Komarov

I fail to see how that team doesn’t win a cup, even if our defense is Roman Polak, and his five clones.

Well, you see, when a mommy and daddy love each other…

I’m going to bet on Andres Borgman. That man has already killed several NHL players, so he could probably hold his own well in a fist fight.


Honestly, I don’t know. It doesn’t surprise me, considering that they weren’t in on him when he was traded at the draft, but he’d be a perfect fit in the top four to help out their shutdown defense. I feel like he doesn’t meet Babcock’s “gritty shutdown” defense, so I could see that being the reason.

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