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Postgame: All Aboard the Dermott Express

Do you feel that?

That, my friends, is joy. Pure, unadulterated, unflinching joy. A type of joy that both warms your heart, and tickles your toes. A type of joy that only a team who has put you through 50 years of pain and suffering can give you.

And boy, does it ever feel good.


PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING: the following image contains scenes of violence which may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

To say that the Leafs murdered the Islanders in the possession game tonight would be an understatement.

No, the Leafs did far more than just murder the Isles. They brought them back to life, killed them again, and then stomped on their grave.

It was awesome.

1st Period

This was, without a doubt, the most fun period of Leafs hockey since opening night. Well, at least until the second period rolled around.

I still straight up refuse to believe that this is the same team who dump and chased their way into mediocrity just two weeks ago. It’s almost like icing a lineup full of skill is a good thing. Who knew?!

Now, would you believe that the Leafs outshot the Isles 14-4 in the first period?

Well, you better. Because it’s the truth. And if you don’t believe it, you’re basically calling me a liar. And I am NOT a liar.

Anyway, Matthew Barzal Kasperi Kapanen opened the scoring 5 minutes in, putting the Leafs up 1-0 by winning a strong net-front battle like the good boy he is. For those unaware, this now makes it 3 goals in the last 6 NHL games for our son Kasperi.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of Matt Martin’s lineup spot slowly fading from existence. 

Then, 8 minutes later, our Lord and Saviour Auston Matthews™ stretched the Leafs lead to 2, thanks in part to a wonderful individual effort from Zach Hyman.


I have genuine romantic feelings for that shot. It’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Good lord.

After a period like that, one could only wonder how much more excitement this game could offer. Little did we know, as the first period came to a close, that the best was yet to come.

Second Period

Yeah, yeah, Mitch Marner scored to put the Leafs up 3-0 and celebrated like a kid who just ran the table in a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament.

Although, millennia into the future when archaeologists look back upon this game, they won’t focus on that at all.

They’ll focus on this.

Yes, you are witnessing Travis “Literally Jesus” Dermott score his first NHL goal.

That’s it. We’ve found internet’s most perfect gif. Might as well pack it all in now.

Funnily enough, the puck crossing the line was far from the most notable thing about Dermott’s goal. That honour undoubtedly goes to the reaction of Travis’s father, Jim Dermott, who was brought to tears by watching his son’s lifelong dream come true right before his eyes.

In that moment, we were all Jim Dermott.

Third Period

Buckle up, kids. We’re not done yet.

As if the night hadn’t already reached maximum joy capacity, Justin Holl pushed it even further.

In an act of sheer fate, Holl managed to turn a meandering rush down the offensive wing into his first NHL goal, extending the Leafs lead to 5-0(!).

A mere 4 years ago, Holl was toiling in the ECHL, essentially an afterthought to the Chicago Blackhawks, who had team drafted him in 2010.

Fast forward to tonight, and we’ve just witnessed him be named an AHL All-Star AND score his first NHL goal all in less than a week.

Never give up on your dreams, kids.

Want to know just how dominant the Leafs were in this game? It’s taken me this long to mention the inevitability of Toronto signing John Tavares this summer.

And when that happens, we should all thank Frederik Andersen. Tonight he taught ol’ Johnny T that won’t be robbed like this if they play on the same team.

See you in July, Johnathan!

And so, as a night of happiness and youthful wonder concluded, the Leafs emerged victorious by a score of 5-0.

Just like God intended.

Tweets: Travis Dermott Edition

#DermottForCalder confirmed.

As it should be.

Pictured below: a Leafs legend. Also pictured: Curtis Joseph.


Want to know the best part of all this? We only have to wait 24 hours to watch the Leafs dominate all over again, as the Buds visit the Big Apple tomorrow to take on the Rangers at 7 pm.

New York ain’t ready for this.





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  • Kanuunankuula

    William, please be careful with your jumping celebrations. You injured Lundqvist like this. We’d like Dermott to be healthy.

    What a game for Dermott, that gif of his dad is great, thanks for including it.

  • Capt.Jay

    I’m beginning to think I’m jinxed. I missed the first month of the season as I was out of country and couldn’t watch the games and the Leafs kicked butt. I’ve been out again for the last week and a bit and they are on a 3 game win streak. Maybe I should stay out of country till playoffs are over.

    I’m missing all the fun it sounds like.

    Good for both Dermott and Woll. I hope Babcock is buying into the Martin and Polak sitting more is actually a good thing. Sounds like it was one heck of a game.

  • lukewarmwater

    Mike I love the passion you have for the leafs. As I tell young people that to find the leafs last cup you have to look up the old testament. But thanks for Moses leading the team through the desert, ironically the kid came from an Arizona desert, the leafs are indeed developing into a power house. Great to see all the dads a whooping and hollering for their sons.
    Most likely the most dominant game of the year and with three rookie D man with both Holl and Dermott of course scoring their first N.H.L. goals.
    Steady Freddy earns another shut out. A 100 plus point season is coming for the young buds. Go leafs Go.

  • Glen

    Great game for the Leafs, fast and smart, that’s the way to play. The thing I like about Dermott is his ability to avoid the forecheck in his own end and move the puck up ice something all Leaf D men including Rielly seem to have problems with. Small sample size but he stays on my team.

    • lukewarmwater

      For a youngster, Travis is playing like a heady veteran out there, not panicking but simply getting the puck out of his zone and obviously gaining confidence in his offensive ability as last night’s goal proved.

    • Capt.Jay

      Agreed. Let this team find their own leaders within instead of bringing someone in that thinks he’s there to push them over the top. It can rub the existing team the wrong way sometimes and sends a massage you dont fully believe they can do it on their own.

      I think we have that in Matthews and Reilly