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Roman Polak placed on injured reserve, Justin Holl recalled on emergency basis

Well, that’s certainly a surprise!

After the Leafs’ new look defensive pairings came out yesterday and sent the internet in a tizzy, it appears they may have been dealt a further shuffle after the Leafs announced uh, three things at the same time.

Holl, a 26-year old who was first signed by the Leafs in July 2016 after a year on an AHL deal with the Marlies, has never played in the NHL. Over the past two years, he’s been a staple in the Marlies top-four. This year, he was named to the AHL’s All-Star team, picking up 20 points in 39 games so far. From a human standpoint, it would be good to see him make the lineup for a team that’s currently under no real pressure coming out of the all-star break, even if it’s only a temporary spot.

As of now, it’s unclear the longevity and severity of both Hainsey and Polak’s illnesses.

A quick reaction from The Athletic’s Justin Bourne, who spent a pair of seasons with Holl as the Marlies video coach:

Cue your “filling in a Holl in the lineup” jokes now.

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