Looking At The Options For the Leafs Next GM

For those of you that didn’t watch last night’s game (and honestly, I don’t blame you), Elliotte Friedman hit us with some of his great knowledge on the Leafs general manager situation going into next season.

With Lou Lamoriello reportedly being in the last year of his contract, there is some uncertainty as to whether or not he will return as GM or if he will step down and let Kyle Dubas or Mark Hunter take the reigns.

But as Friedman reported last night, it seems like Lamoriello will likely be stepping down to an advisory role next season. He’ll still be a part of the team, but he will no longer be the big guy, which is a very surprising move knowing what we know about Lamoriello, but that’s what we know now.

What we still don’t know is who will be replacing him. Many believe that this means Hunter or Dubas will take over, but who’s to say that that’s what will happen for sure. Let’s take a look at some of the potential options for the Leafs general manager position.

Kyle Dubas

Let’s get the obvious, and probably best, option out of the way. This is now Dubas’ fourth season with the team, where he’s been mainly looking after the Marlies team. That could prove to be essential to the next Leafs GM, because they’ll be dealing with the future, and no one knows the future like the guy who’s been managing it for the last four seasons.

What makes him likely to get the job? He’s always been the guy that gets mentioned when we talk about the post-Lou era, and considering what happened in the offseason, with him reportedly getting talked to by Colorado before Shanahan stepped in, makes it seem like there are bigger plans for him.

Also, his resume from his time before Lou shows strong potential. The Leafs made a shift in philosophy when he showed up, and it was part of what made the Leafs what they are right now. I’d definitely feel safe having him as the GM, especially now that he has some experience, and the wisdom of Lou Lamoriello.

Mark Hunter

Hunter has always been the other guy in these conversations. It’s always been believed that if Dubas still isn’t ready when Lou leaves, that Hunter will probably be the guy to take over.

And there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that. Hunter’s scouting skills are fantastic, and some of the mid to late round gems that he’s dug up have the potential to be impact players in the NHL. His resume with the London Knights speaks for itself, as he kept the team as perennial contenders every season in a league where dynasties usually only last a couple of years.

In a perfect world, Dubas becomes the GM, and Hunter stays with the team as the head scout, but if Hunter becomes the GM, there would be no complaints either. Also, there’s a risk that if Dubas becomes the GM, there’s a chance that Hunter could be asked to be a GM somewhere else, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll stick around either.

Ken Holland

I’m cringing while writing this words, but unfortunately, Holland is an option. On the last year of his deal in Detroit, there’s no guarantee that Holland will be re-signed, and he might be looking for a job elsewhere.

He certainly has a strong resume. Up until last season, his team had never missed the playoffs, and has usually been a Cup competitive team. The problem with Holland is that what made his team miss the playoffs last year are his strong loyalty to average and below-average players, and flawed and out-dated ideologies that drove a dynasty Wings franchise into cap hell.

I’m not saying I advocate bringing in Holland. In fact, those of you who’ve been reading my work since my Wings Nation days know that I think Holland is an idiot. I’m just stating that he is, in fact, an option for the Leafs GM role, and who knows, he might get some consideration if neither Dubas or Hunter are ready.

But come on Shanny, don’t actually consider it. Please.

Dave Nonis

A former Leafs GM, Nonis certainly has lots of experience and is a very intelligent hockey mi- I’m just kidding, I can’t even finish that sentence with a straight face.

Scott Maxwell

Yeah, that’s right, I’m putting myself out there. I’m currently looking for a job, so I’d certainly be willing to take the job if the Leafs were to offer it to me. Some of my content on this website speaks for itself, that I know a thing or two about what’s best for this team.

My experience includes leading countless teams to Stanley Cups in Be a GM mode in the NHL series, as well as working the phones in trade deals, and negotiating with players to team friendly deals.

I’m a smart hockey mind, so please consider me Shanny.

I’m just kidding, if you were to hire a blogger for the job, there would be much better people for the job than me.

But at least I’d respect William.

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