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WWYDW: What would you do about Tomas Plekanec?


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The rivalry between the Leafs and Canadiens took an unexpected turn last month when the Leafs traded for the Canadiens’ longest-serving player in Tomas Plekanec. Whether you call him Pleky, turtleneck, or simply Tomas, it’s still a little odd seeing him on the Leafs’ bench.

Unfortunately, nine games later, we’re still looking for his first point in Toronto. It’s easy to push the “he’s still getting into Babcock’s system” narrative, but at some point we’d like to see a little more production out of him.

His possession numbers have been about a wash, as he’s been on the ice for 73 shot attempts for and 79 against at even strength. In a relatively small sample, it’s hard to say he’s really been pushing the needle either way.

If you’re looking for a positive, he’s been great on draws, winning 56% of his faceoffs since coming over to the blue and white. The second round-pick and prospects sent over to acquire him is a sunk cost, and a relatively low-risk one at that.  But moving forward into the playoffs, do you keep him in the lineup? Do you think he’s just going through a funk? Is it okay if the Leafs sit a player who they acquired at the trade deadline? Or do you think he’s still better than the other options and deserves to stay in the lineup?

Leave your comments in the… well, the comments below.

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  • El Chapo

    I don’t feel that he has been any better than other fourth line options like Moore. Seems like a wasted draft pick. Just depth if someone gets injured. Probably played on the Habs too long.

    • Varden

      I have said it from the beginning before the trade was even made that this was a completely wasted pick. I swear I have been screaming it from the rafters all damn season defense defense defense. Even with a medium ranged defense men it would be an improvement to build upon in the lines. But no I guess when you think you need 7 bloody centers that’s the best option??? Seriously??? Last time I checked a team needs to think of being in rebuild mode like building a pyramid. You don’t work from the top up but work on the pieces first that reinforce the entire structure. Seems like management 101 here to me. I love the leafs but its decisions like these that always seems to shoot em in the foot.