Kadri Suspended Three Games For Hit on Wingels

Nazem Kadri has been suspended for three playoff games for his hit on Tommy Wingels.

The NHL’s reasoning behind this suspension was the combination of the fact that the hit was reckless, and Kadri had enough time to react to Wingels falling, as well as the fact that Kadri has a history of suspensions, as this is his fourth suspension.

The Leafs had practiced earlier today without Kadri, which means the lineup will probably look something like this tomorrow.

The NHL probably made the right call here with the suspension. It sucks that the Leafs will now be without their shutdown centre for three games, but that’s not on the NHL being extreme with the suspension, but more so on Kadri for being reckless in the first place.

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  • lukewarmwater

    I figured two games but we shall see how consistent the N.H.L. disciplinary boss is through out the playoffs. You know that the rat won’t be able to contain himself and it will be fascinating to see what length of time in purgatory Marchand would serve. A huge hole for the leafs as Kadri hasn’t matured after all these years. Maybe it just isn’t in him to play responsibly and think of team first and not himself. Sad indeed as he has been one of the best two way centers in the game the last two years.

  • Radio

    In a vacuum, I get the suspension… but when equally bad hits from Tom Wilson and Josh Anderson don’t ever merit a discussion, it makes it hard to stomach the NHL’s uneven discipline.

  • FightingFourDozen

    The league is a joke, but it’s a joke for all the teams, it’s just a question of when your ticket comes up to be the next guy they make an example of in order to appease the Toronto media, that being said, it’s no cause to call Naz “selfish” just because he’s the only man on the team brave enough to take anybody on anyway they want to play it, when the rest of them are boys crapping in their pants at the mere sight of the Bruins.

  • FightingFourDozen

    Selfish is like JVR, he just plays to get his cookies on the PP in the regular season, but can’t play five on five, wont get his nose dirty, ever, and then just walks for an overpriced contract to some American team.