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We All Want More of That, Kadri

Why do we all watch the game of hockey?

I’m assuming it’s primarily for entertainment and you enjoy how the sport looks.

Be it some pretty goals, sleek passes, or embarrassing an opposing defenseman – hockey can be a beautiful game to look at and be entertained by. But what fun is it if it’s a strictly offensive game that’s not as physical as it could be?

Sure, it would still be wildly entertaining. But not as entertaining as having a player on the team you cheer for play on the edge so much that he is practically floating off of it like Wile E. Coyote.

Laying questionably late hits, poking and prodding at every opposing player to get under their skin – we love it.

Nazem Kadri is that player for us, and he will be forever.

As fans, embracing the villain role is the best thing we can do right now and be content with the hockey world hating us as much as we hate them.

I’m not calling for opposing players to suffer serious injuries, but I would rather watch a game that’s fast and hard. Boring Los Angeles Kings-style of hockey can win you games, but I don’t care if I’m not entertained by the team I’m watching.

Kadri instills that hard style of game that every Leafs fan should love, and have loved for decades. The underdog pests in the past now have their numbers retired by the team – if that doesn’t speak volumes of how much we should love Kadri’s game, I don’t know what else can.

We want our players to play hard and not to hesitate laying any hit. So don’t lie to yourself saying that you didn’t love how he played in Game 1 against the Bruins on Thursday night.

Him running around like he had nothing to lose, we all loved it.

I will enjoy every other fan’s tears and cries for justice, but don’t be afraid to enjoy some physicality in the sport we love. Why do you think so many people first gravitated towards it initially? I can tell you it wasn’t a clean zone entry by a defenseman on the rush.

We all truly want a pest for other fanbases to hate; a player to soak up all the negativity while having back-to-back 30-goal seasons at the same time.

Why not just admit it, we naturally love violence and destruction.

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  • Thank you! Everyone wanting to put Matt Martin in to hit people but Kadri already does, and other teams HATE him. The difference is that he does it on the 2nd line where he actually makes an impact rather than the 4th line where nobody cares. Losing him is a huge blow to this teams edge.

    • Agent11

      Kadri is a selfish player. Anyone who tries to intentionally tries to crush another players head by leaping is a little unstable. Hope he gets back in the line up and someone else has a chance to hit him “while he is standing up”. He has hurt our team and continues to do so. He is no cleaner than Marchand. Cowards who try and act tough by taking cheap shots. Ever see Kadri fight anyone of significance. Surprised Babcock even plays guys with no class. And I am a Fan of 40 Years!

      • LAKID

        Agent11, You are a week kneed, ill informed, brain washed coward. There is no crying in hockey! Kadri responded to the hit on Marner in the most appropriate way and would not have had to if Matt Martin was in the line up. I applaude Kadri on his retaliation hit although it looked dirty. Babcock should ice the proper line up if the Leafs want to win. Babcock is really the one who should take the blame because the Leafs are scared to play and will lose the series.

  • FightingFourDozen

    I’ve been a fan for over forty years, and back then Kadri might have got five and game for that, with Wingels lying around on the faking like he was badly hurt, might have been a yard sale line brawl after, but Kadri wouldn’t have had to square off with an enforcer.

  • FightingFourDozen

    The idea that the beloved Leafs legends of yore never did anything like that in the last forty years is laughable, google “Wendel Clark hits Bruce Bell” sometime, catches him with his head down and leaps into the hit, destroys him without mercy nor quarter, Bell had to be taken off on a stretcher, and everybody on the Blues was too scared to fight Wendel, so he had total impunity.

  • FightingFourDozen

    And did we say “Wendel clearly targeted the head there, jumps at the last moment into a blatant headshot catching a guy in the trolley tracks full in the chops, there outta be a law!”?
    Hell, we cheered. Attaboy Wendel.