Auston Matthews’ mom wins parent of the year

There were a lot of great things that went down last night. Matthews got his first point of the series, the Air Canada Centre was fired up, the Leafs did the hockey, and Auston’s mom Ema came to the arena wearing a tee shirt with his face on it. 

If you’re having a rough Tuesday this gif is sure to put a smile on your face. Mama Matthews was in the building as usual to cheer on her son and the boys. A normal hockey mom would just wear a team jersey with her sons name on the back of it. Mrs. Matthews is no normal hockey mom you see. She stepped up her game last night and whipped out a tee with an Auston cartoon face on it!

Auston Matthews mom: 1

Other hockey moms: 0

The tee shirt obviously brought some good luck to Auston as he scored the game winner and the Leafs went on to crush the Bruins. The series is now 2-1 for the Bruins and we’ve got all the momentum. It would only be right if everyone else in the building wore the Auston Matthews face tee shirt for game four right? Or how about everyone wearing a tee shirt with Auston’s mom on the front of it? After all, she’s the real MVP here.