WWYDW: Apparently Dougie Hamilton is on the block

If there’s one thing this series against the Boston Bruins has indicated, it’s that the Toronto Maple Leafs need to upgrade their blueline. No, it doesn’t mean they need to trip over themselves to package all of Auston Matthews, William Nylander, and Mitch Marner in a deal for Adam Larsson, but they do need to find a top-four upgrade for their defensive core.

Here’s something interesting. Jermaine Franklin, a Calgary Flames reporter, was on the radio in Edmonton yesterday and suggested that the Flames might be looking to move Dougie Hamilton.

Calgary is coming off of an incredibly disappointing season in which they, like their friends in Edmonton, missed the playoffs despite having legitimate contention aspirations. They fired their entire coaching staff in response and there’s reason to believe they aren’t finished there.

The Flames made a big trade over the summer acquiring Travis Hamonic from the New York Islanders. As a result, they don’t have a single draft pick in this year’s first three rounds. Yikes. That isn’t an enviable situation to be in.

That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday question. Should the Leafs be interested in Dougie Hamilton? What would you give up for him?

Hamilton is an excellent defender and he’s signed for three more seasons at a fairly modest $5,750,000. When the Flames originally acquired him from the Bruins, they did so at a shockingly low cost, only sending the Bruins a first-round pick and two second-round picks. That was three years ago now, so while Hamilton is older and more refined, he’s more expensive and he has fewer years of control attached to him.

Working out a deal with the Flames is an interesting conundrum. If they want to deal Hamilton, you’d think they’d want someone that could help them right now, like Nylander or Marner, but that isn’t going to happen. That said, they also obviously want to recoup some draft assets, or, at least a prospect that has similar value to a mid first-round pick they’re missing out on this year. That would bring me, logically, to the Leafs shipping 2017 first-round pick Timothy Liljegren to Calgary. It would give the Flames a blue chip prospect while effectively speeding up the clock for the Leafs. If all things go right, Liljegren becomes as good as Hamilton, right?

What do you think? Should the Leafs be after Hamilton? What would it cost and what would you be willing to give up?


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  • BendingCorners

    Dream on. Dougie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s ours and we’re keeping him. Unless of course you give us Marner and Nylander and Liljegren and two first round picks. Then we’d consider it. Might even send you Brouwer and Bennett as well to strengthen your bottom six.

    • Phoenix Xavier

      That’s the only explanation for your misguided response. Leafs wouldn’t give up Marner or Nylander straight up for Dougie nvrmnd the package you seem to think he’s worth, bromances have no place in hockey fans, if u could get anyone of those guys and 1st rd you’d better jump all over it.

    • LAKID

      The flames have Treliving and Burke so I would say Hamilton is headed back East to save their jobs. The dynamic duo have just fired the coaching staff so around November Treliving will be kicking cow turds down the dusty streets of Calgary and will follow in April. The rumour that should be reported is the fact that Johnny Hoggy has requested a trade to be closer to family.

  • Jroc

    Flames need scoring depth and cheap middle 6 forwards. Let’s go Conner Brown, Jeremy Bracco and a first. Who says no first? That’s pretty comparable to a depreciated 1st and two 2nds.

  • Drapes55

    Calgary’s biggest problem is goaltending depth. Package Sparks or Pickard, Brown or a similar type winger and a 2nd (1st if that’s what it takes). Both sides get what they want and need.

  • Hockeysense9393

    This write up has no merit and is quite dumbfounding actually. Does this kind of thinking actually happen in Leafsnation? Haha. This writer has no idea what hockey is…and should just stop writing and watch more hockey lol

  • Hockeysense9393

    Why on earth would the Flames send the highest scoring defenceman to the Leafs…for a maybe?? It makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever. Give it up write some actual, factual stuff here…or shut up lol

  • Hockeysense9393

    How about that exact write up, but take Hamilton’s name out and add Brodie. Because that would make a hell of a lot more sense then the drivel he’s trying to push here lol.

  • Hockeysense9393

    Who the hell is this Jermaine Franklin, and why would he be spouting off this trash…on an Edmonton radio station?? I tell you now…this story is false and planted. The writer should be ashamed of himself.

    • LAKID

      Oh it’s true and and the fact that Treliving won’t dare trade Hamonic because he gave up the flames future for a dud defenceman. I mean a 1st, and 2 seconds for a #4 at best defenceman? Hamilton might as well put his house up for sale.

  • Holmes

    Would cost more than pick #17 overall from an OK draft class for Hamilton. If the Leafs want a top 4 d man, suggest they kick tires on C Tanev. If I am the Canucks, I would be OK with Liljegren as a return

  • T&A4Flames

    Cam, you should be ashamed and embarrassed for writing this and especially for suggesting (only) Tim Liljegren for the top scoring D in the league this year who is under 25, 6’5”, great skater on a great contract with significant term and has improved O and D numbers every year he’s been in the league.
    Leaf fans can think as nightly as they esntnof their kids. But not one alone, aside from Matthews, will get you Hamilton.
    If Hall=Larsson
    Then Nylander & Marner=Hamilton (with maybe a sweetener).

  • GordonBudLightfoot

    I love the leafs and dougie hamilton, not a chance on earth they make a deal, if people want dougie they gonna give a lot to get him, as the article stated, that gave 1st and 2 2nds for hamonic? Hamilton is way better then him, the price tag will be huge! Lets all use are heads!