WWYDW: Kyle Dubas’ Big Move

Quick, you’re Kyle Dubas!

You’ve been appointed as the General Manager of the Biggest Hockey Team in the World, despite being just 12 years of age!

With nothing but  a foam sword and three different Texas Instruments calculators at your disposal, how do you conquer the NHL’s other 30 GM’s within one season to win hockey’s ultimate prize?

Okay but seriously, you’ve got to get the feeling that Kyle Dubas is feeling a bit of liberty right now. No longer saddled with the “assistant” tag, he’s got his big-boy pants on and is ready to make the first big splash of the 2018 NHL offseason.

The only question is, what exactly does he do?

Trade Frederik Andersen and immediately appoint Curtis McElhinney Calvin Pickard Garret Sparks the starter? Re-acquire Phil Kessel? Fire Babcock and promote Sheldon Keefe? Retire Roman Polak’s number? Declare sovereignty over Toronto and attack Montreal, for no good reason? Join forces with the Toronto Argonauts and become the Toronto Argonaut-Maple Leaf hockey club, just to get everyone’s knickers in a knot? Attend the royal wedding alongside Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews, but not William Nylander so everyone speculates there is a rift?

If you were in Kyle Dubas’ shoes, what would your big splash be?

Leave your answers in the comments below.

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