Pridham Gets Promoted to Assistant General Manager

Brandon Pridham has been promoted from Assistant to the General Manager to Assistant General Manager.

Here’s the release:

Here’s what it means:

  • We are going to make fewer references to The Office when talking about him.
  • He’ll be able to say his job title without people laughing
  • He probably gets a raise and a bit more responsibility.

Here’s what else it means:

The Leafs may look at their situation as having two Assistant General Managers and that’s it. If that’s the case, Pridham has filled one of those positions, and his lower titled position is now vacant. Or they might go with three assistant general managers or Pridham may be it. No matter what it’s nice to see a guy who has been working hard for this team get promoted.

It seems unlikely that Pridham’s key area of focus around cap management and contracts is going to shift away from him, but it may be interesting to see if areas like the analytics team report in through him, or whether or not his experience with Central Scouting makes him capable of taking on some of Mark Hunter’s portfolio as well. Right now, I’d suspect this isn’t the case and over the next two years the cap situation will be huge priority, and having Pridham engaged and committed to handling it for the Leafs is a good a thing. We’ll see where the rest of the chips fall later.

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