WWYDW: Name your ECHL team

Yeah, we’re in that point in the offseason.

It was announced yesterday that the Leafs’ newest ECHL affiliate would be called the Newfoundland Growlers and feature a big ‘ol dog on their logo.

There aren’t enough hockey teams named after dogs, and honestly, dogs are fantastic. All hockey teams should be named after dogs.

But the name “Growlers” was something that was obviously settled after long debates and many boardroom meetings, so we’d like to give you the opportunity to do the same. The ECHL is a bit of a hilarious league when it comes to team names, as you’ve got the Solar Bears, the Everblades, the Komets, and the Swamp Monsters.

So what say you?

If you were given the reigns to name an ECHL team all by yourself, what would you call them and where would you put them?

Name them something simple, like the Baby Maple Leafs?

Call them the Hard Rockers and make every night 80s night?

Name them after yourself and become team owner, head coach, general manager and fourth-line centre?

Or would you stick for something bland, and call yourself something like the “Lions”?

Leave all your wildest dreams in the comments below. 😀

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