Our Staff’s Stanley Cup Final predictions

There isn’t really all that much to say at this point, other than the fact there will be a new Stanley Cup Champion over the next little bit. Will it be, uh, the team without Nate Schmidt, or the team that used to have Nate Schmidt? Will it be the one with the Russian captain, or the one without a captain? Will it be the one with the Ovi show or the Marchesshow?

We don’t even trust our own opinions, but here is our staff putting their predictions in stone, or at least on an editable blog post.

Adam Laskaris

Vegas in 4. Picked them to get swept in every other round, so now it’s time to reverse the fortunes.

Scott Maxwell

Washington in 6 because go Ovi

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Cam Lewis

The Vegan Golden Knights

That’s Kappy!

Vegas in 5, because why would I believe anything else at this point?

Hayley Hendren

Caps in 7 sounds fun.

Thomas Williams

Capitals in 6 because I hate myself.

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Ryan Hobart

Vegas in 5 because this is a runaway train and no one will be able to stop it.

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