Ron Hainsey: Trade or Keep?

There are few topics less exciting on the Leafs than Ron Hainsey, and that’s probably a compliment to Ron Hainsey. When Hainsey was brought in last summer much dust was kicked up over what value he’d bring to the Leafs, and initially Hainsey seemed like he made a lot of people eat their words. Then…


Leafs Geeks Podcast – Changing Perspectives

Jude MacDonald (JudeLeafs on Hockey Twitter) joins me this week to discuss how our views on hockey have changed dramatically over the past few years. 4:33 – Our (ill-conceived) opinions during the Carlyle/Nonis era. 7:49 – My analytics origin story. 14:11 – The way we look at defencemen. 18:08 – Preconceived notions clouding our judgement….


WWYDW: Would you offer JVR a contract?

It’s June 7th and we’re rehashing the season’s most fruitful debate, the evergreen question about what the heck the Leafs should do with the one and only James van Riemsdyk. Scoring a career-high 36 goals this past year but being a UFA this offseason, there was a sizeable portion of the fanbase that was in…


Maybe Later: Mac Hollowell

My Sault Ste. Marie bias is showing, but I’m betting that Kyle Dubas has a stronger bias toward Greyhounds and specifically Mac Hollowell, being that Hollowell was the second last player (12th round, 237th overall) Dubas ever drafted for the Greyhounds, just months prior to being hired by the Maple Leafs in the summer of…


William Nylander: Undervalued Superstar… that the Leafs should underpay

Recently, Matt Cane released the 2018 version of his free agent contract predictions.  Naturally, when this was released last month, Leafs nation immediately started obsessing over William Nylander’s estimated $7MM X 5 yrs contract. Matt does great work and this is a good reference tool when trying to gauge approximate salary expectations but it’s important…