Leafs Geeks Podcast – Changing Perspectives

Jude MacDonald (@JudeLeafs on Hockey Twitter) joins me this week to discuss how our views on hockey have changed dramatically over the past few years.

4:33 – Our (ill-conceived) opinions during the Carlyle/Nonis era.
7:49 – My analytics origin story.
14:11 – The way we look at defencemen.
18:08 – Preconceived notions clouding our judgement.
22:24 – How I overvalued Corsi when I first learned about it.
27:46 – Writers who helped us change our views.
32:40 – Ineffective players we still root for as fans.
37:55 – Stats we like using for player evaluation.
46:58 – Wrapping things up.

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Just remember that we’re all one big hockey community, cheers! ?

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