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WWYDW: Would you offer JVR a contract?

It’s June 7th and we’re rehashing the season’s most fruitful debate, the evergreen question about what the heck the Leafs should do with the one and only James van Riemsdyk. Scoring a career-high 36 goals this past year but being a UFA this offseason, there was a sizeable portion of the fanbase that was in favour of letting him out via a trade in order to secure assets for the team’s future.

While some believe it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll see JVR in a different jersey come July 1st, there’s no guarantees that the Leafs won’t find a way to bring back their best goal scorer of this past season.

So if the choice was left up to you, what would you do?

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Would you try to bring back the man who sets up in front of the net like nobody’s watching and tips in pucks like his life depends on it? Would you try to snag him on a shorter deal while upping his dollar value?

Or would you decide to wave him the happiest of goodbyes while secretly hoping he ends up in the Western Conference so you don’t have to root against him very often?

What would you do?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

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