Leafs Release Preseason Schedule

In this weird limbo between the Cup being awarded and the much-anticipated NHL Entry Draft, there is not much beside minor trades or buyouts to really get excited for. Except, when we find out when we get to see our beloved Leafs back in action again.

Starting with a trip to Lucan, ON on September 18th for Kraft Hockeyville against the Ottawa Senators, the Leafs will be playing a total of eight games against other Atlantic division competition (if we can call them that).

With a good portion of the roster already cemented into making this roster, there will be only a few depth jobs up for grabs. This will be an opportunity to showcase some talent beneath our already elite superstars. Of course with the offseason, there is never a sure thing with player movement, but the key jobs are already taken up.

Maybe one of these games will be the first time seeing John Tavares in the blue and white?

By mid-September, every fan will be salivating at just getting a glimpse of our Leafs on the ice again. So these dates will be ingrained into every member of Leafs Nation’s heads in no time.

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