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A mostly serious mock draft

What’s up, folks?

Want not only a read-through of a somewhat serious mock draft done by a bunch of bloggers, but also an abridged version of the chat we had while holding it?

Here you are!

There was no real rhyme or reason as to who was the GM of each team, but the two rules we had was: you had to be GM for all of that team’s picks, and no trading.

Without further ado, the Buffalo Sabres are on the clock.

1st overall (Cat): Rasmus Dahlin, Buffalo

While Cat joined our earlier conversations, she didn’t actually have time to be around for the draft. So we gave her the easiest assignment possible, where she selected Dahlin first overall.

2nd overall: (Scott) Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina

No real surprises here.

3rd overall: (Scott) Filip Zadina, Montreal

Montreal decides not to go off the board, and continues with the projected #3 pick.

4th overall: (Fancey) Quinn Hughes, Ottawa

Fancey goes for the fences swing with Ottawa, deciding to draft in 2018 instead of giving up the pick to Colorado for next year’s draft.

5th overall: (Jon) Oliver Wahlstrom, Arizona

There were no real takes here, but we’re surprised Jon didn’t intentionally torpedo the Coyotes.

Fancey, to Thomas:

Just know that I’m glen sather and I will kill you if you take Bouchard.

6th overall: (Thomas) Evan Bouchard, Detroit



7th overall: (Megan) Adam Boqvist, Vancouver


do you guys wanna go all 7 rounds


I love that Tkachuk is going to fall to the Oilers


omg hahaha fuck i should’ve taken tkachuk, i was just fuckin focused on boqvist

8th overall: (Hayley) Noah Dobson, Chicago


I kinda want Scott to take the other Tkachuk with the Calgary pick

Adam: remember when calgary traded their first and missed the playoffs

Hayley: see if meggo takes tkachuk then I would’ve taken Boqvist. it messes everything up! haha

9th overall: (Fancey) Rasmus Sandin, NYR

The first big reach of the draft. The highest public ranking for Sandin right now is… 11, on the NHL Central Scouting’s European list.

10th overall: (Cooom) Brady Tkachuk, Edmonton

Jon, the prophet:

Now you can trad Loooch

Lucic for Riley Morgan
leaf’s need to get Tougher

11th overall: (Scott) Ty Smith, NYI

Another set of back to back picks by Scoot McGroot.

12th overall: (Scott) Jesperi Kotkaniemi, NYI (from Calgary)


13th overall: (Megan) Joel Farabee, Dallas

We then realized the next GM had not checked into the draft yet, a problem that befalls many at the NHL level.

@ryanhobart you’re up

i hope he comes back in time

he said his draft list is by points so I assume he’s taking McLeod

“The Flyera didn’t even make it to the draft on time, and forfeited their first round pick”

feels right

Ryan Fancey, unprovoked:
My fav scouting report word is “rangy”

A rangy forward

I like girthy

14th overall: (Hobart) Joseph Veleno, Philadelphia (From St. Louis)

He answered the phone call, and became the only person to answer a draft pick via phone call.

15th overall: (Megan) Akil Thomas, Florida

He’ll somehow be exposed in the next expansion draft, however.

16th overall: (Jon) Serren Noel, Colorado

Serren Noel sounds like a chill snowboarder dude.

17th overall: (Hayley) Bode Wilde, New Jersey

Bode Wilde does Atlantic City.

18th overall: (Jon) Isac Lundestrom, Columbus


im calling hobart

19th overall: (Hobart) Ryan Merkley, Philadelphia

Adam: and he took merkley.

20th overall: (Thomas) Grigori Denisenko, LA

Look, we don’t have deep opinions on everyone.

21st overall: (Adam) Barrett Hayton, San Jose

Fancey, before his pick:

Can I take Sean Day

Are there any Newfs in this draft

22nd overall: (Fancey) Nils Lundkvist, Ottawa


you’re letting the sens ruin Lundkvist?

Fancey: yes

*Thomas jokingly takes Adam Mascherin*

Jon: Is that Mascherin pick serious?

23rd overall: (Thomas) K’andre Miller, Anaheim

K’Andre Miller could concievably go anywhere from 20th to 60th, according to most rankings.

24th overall: (Jon) Dominik Bokk, Minnesota

Adam, before the Leafs pick:

oh man the leafs are on the clock

25th overall: (Adam) Rasmus Kupari, Toronto


My dogs poopin

Here is a picture of that poop.

Three Rasmuses in one first round.

If you’re looking for a positive quote:

He is a mix of Jesse Puljujärvi and Sebastian Aho, Mikko Manner (Kärpät HC) 2017

26th overall: (Fancey) Jett Woo, NYR (from Boston)


Too bad he’s not going to Buffalo

We could have a Woo-Pu team up

27th overall: (Hayley) Ty Dellandrea, Chicago (From Nashville)

He’s the assistant captain of the Flint Firebirds. That’s all we got.

28th overall: (Fancey) Calen Addison, NYR (From Tampa)


its either mcleod or kaut for me, through my very formal “look who’s higher ranked and hasn’t been picked yet” methodology

29th overall: (Adam) Martin Kaut, St. Louis (from Winnipeg)

Kaut wins.

30th overall: (Thomas) Vitali Kravtsov, Detroit (from Vegas)

Vegas shouldn’t be allowed to draft for like six more years, tbh.

31st overall: (Megan) Ryan McLeod, Washington

Even if you get an NHL player from the 31st pick, you’ve already won because you also won the Cup.

The full list

# GM NHL team Selection
1 Cat Buffalo Sabres Rasmus Dahlin
2 Scott Carolina Hurricanes Andrei Svechnikov
3 Scott Montreal Canadiens Filip Zadina
4 Fancey Ottawa Senators Quinn Hughes
5 Jon Arizona Coyotes Oliver Wahlstrom
6 Thomas Detroit Red Wings Evan Bouchard
7 Meg Vancouver Canucks Adam Boqvist
8 Hayley Chicago Blackhawks Noah Dobson
9 Fancey New York Rangers Rasmus Sandin
10 Cooom Edmonton Oilers Brady Tkachuk
11 Scott New York Islanders Ty Smith
12 Scott New York Islanders (from Calgary) Jesper Kotkaniemi
13 Meg Dallas Stars Joel Farabee
14 Hobart Philadelphia Flyers (from St. Louis) Joseph Veleno
15 Meg Florida Panthers Akil Thomas
16 Jon Colorado Avalanche Serron Noel
17 Hayley New Jersey Devils Bode Wilde
18 Jon Columbus Blue Jackets Isac Lundestrom
19 Hobart Philadelphia Flyers Ryan Merkely
20 Thomas Los Angeles Kings Grigori Denisenko
21 Adam San Jose Sharks Barrett Hayton
22 Fancey Ottawa Senators (from Pittsburgh) Nils Lundkvist
23 Thomas Anaheim Ducks K’Andre Miller
24 Jon Minnesota Wild Dominik Bokk
25 Adam Toronto Maple Leafs Rasmus Kupari
26 Fancey New York Rangers (from Boston) Jett Woo
27 Hayley Chicago Blackhawks (from Nashville) Ty Dellandrea
28 Fancey New York Rangers (from Tampa Bay) Calen Addison
29 Adam St. Louis Blues (from Winnipeg) Martin Kaut
30 Thomas Detroit Red Wings (from Vegas) Vitali Kravtsov
31 Meg Washington Capitals Ryan McLeod

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