Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Leafs Re-Sign Connor Carrick

The Leafs finally got one of those big deals that they need to get done out of the way, as they’ve re-signed Connor Carrick to a one year, $1.3 million contract.

Carrick hasn’t exactly been a consistent draw into the lineup, often being put in the press box in favour of Roman Polak these last couple of seasons.

However, with Polak not currently re-signed with the team (*knocks on wood*), the Leafs will be looking to shore up their depth a little bit on the right side going into the season.

Last season, Carrick had four goals and eight assists for 12 points in 47 games with the Leafs, although he didn’t draw in for any of the Leafs playoff games, despite their right side getting decimated by the Bruins. Carrick was also second amongst Leafs defensemen in 5v5 CF% with 53.54% (behind Travis Dermott), and second on defense in 5v5 xGF% with 54.83%.

With the Leafs needing to upgrade their defense, this isn’t a terrible start. Sure, Carrick isn’t new to the team, but the fact that he was rarely given a chance means that there’s a bit more room for him to grow, and perhaps improve the defense a little bit (considering that he’s better than Hainsey, Zaitsev, and Polak).

Or, it could be like last season and he barely draws into the lineup, who knows.

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