Stop Everything And Look At This Very Important Announcement About The Home Opener!

WOW! Who could have guessed that Habs and Leafs would play in a home opener and that game would be in early October.

Since you’ve taken time to click on this, here is the hard hitting analysis:

  • The Leafs will probably win this game because the Habs will still be an embarrassing bad team worthy of national scorn.
  • Tie Domi’s kid will be play for the Habs and that will be upsetting for people who inexplicably care about Tie Domi.
  • Looking at the Habs blueline it seems entirely possible that Auston Matthews could crush his 4 goals in a season opener record.
  • This will be our first real look at the Leafs new star defenseman who better be totally real and not something that I am blindly wishing for.
  • If this game is on a night that isn’t convenient for you, you’re in luck. There will be 81 games following it that will be just as impactful on the Leafs voyage to the middle of Atlantic division setting up their first round matchup against the Bruins in April.

Of course giving us the entire schedule would be too close to real news, and we’ll have to wait for that. Just like we’ll have to wait for third jersey announcements, and other remotely interesting things.

Instead today you are treated to something that is just enough of something considered news that we’ve decided to post it on this site. Eat at Arby’s.

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