WWYDW: Let’s get Erik Karlsson to Toronto

On the heels of a pretty serious scandal, the Senators traded Mike Hoffman to the Sharks yesterday. A few moments later, he was on the move again to the Panthers, and what came out in the wash is that Pierre Dorion was essentially ordered to send him out of the division. Obviously Florida found an easy way around that by getting another club involved.

In the next little while, Dorion is almost surely going to move out Erik Karlsson as well. With what we know about the Sens’ stupid “not in the division” rule, the chances of Toronto being in play as a destination here are essentially zero if they weren’t already. But what about if we go the three-team route we saw yesterday in the Hoffman deal?

What I’m putting out there as a “What would you do?” question today is this: Draw up a three-team flip trade that gets Erik Karlsson to the Leafs before the end of the week.

I’ll start with my own example:

To Ottawa: Their own first rounder for 2019 back, Connor Timmins, 2.25 million retained on Bobby Ryan

To Colorado: 2018 first rounder (Toronto), 2019 first rounder (Toronto), William Nylander

To Toronto: Bobby Ryan (5-million), Erik Karlsson

Good lord, that was a lot more difficult than I thought. I should also note I’m reconciling losing Willie by buying out Bobby Ryan and having Karlsson sign with Toronto long term.

Now, before you rip this proposal to shreds (or perhaps after), realize this is just for a bit of fun, and also do your best to come up with something better in the comments. Have at it.

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  • Jroc

    To sens: first (islanders 2018), first (flames 2018), Johnny boychuk, 2 mil retained Bobby Ryan, Brock Nelson, random B prospect (I don’t know the isles system)

    Isles: William Nylander, Garrett Sparks, Calle Rosen, 2nd (leafs 2018), 2.25 mil Bobby Ryan

    Leafs: Karlsson, Bobby Ryan(3 mil), 7th round pick (isles 2018)

    The 2nd is to get the isles to eat some of Ryan’s salary. This is assuming they lose Tavares and need a new centerpiece to build around with Barzal, also I love me some late round draft picks.