Leafs Take Rasmus Sandin With Their First Round Pick

After a number of players slid in the draft, it seemed the Leafs would have their pick of a number of strong options. They did Leafs fans right by trading down and picking up a solid pick at #76th overall from the Blues. At 29th overall the Leafs selected Rasmus Sandin, a defenseman from the Soo Greyhounds.


What you need to know…

Adam Laskaris profiled Sandin earlier this month for us, and you can find that full profile here.

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Ian Tulloch had him ranked 26th in his rankings on MLN saying….

“Sandin might’ve had the quietest 0.88 PPG draft year I’ve ever seen from an OHL defencemen.
He’s in a tier with a bunch of elite players, yet no one seems to be talking about him, which I think is the perfect microcosm of his game. He’s such an efficient player, making smart, subtle decisions throughout the course of the game that you may not notice, but help tilt the ice in his team’s favour.”

From Ryan Biech of Canucks Army, who had him 30th overall...

There was an expectation that he would take some time to adapt to the North American ice but he hit the ground running and didn’t look back. He produced immediately as a powerplay guy that can move the puck well or use his poise to control the puck with speed. As the season went on, he clearly became more confident in his abilities and was willing to carry the puck more. He can be skilled with the puck, making quick movements as he barrels down the ice with speed.

He has a complete game in the offensive zone using his puck distribution abilities, skating and shot to create offence on the rush or while in the zone. His ability to attack when the opportunity is there is really something that stands out about his game. He shows that he is smart with his reads and when he is attacking, he knows there is something to benefit from it. As the season went on, his forays on the attack became more frequent and were exciting to see.

Final Thoughts…

Rasmus Sandin is a well rounded defenseman who seems to do everything well and plays comfortably in every zone. He’s a player that Dubas is going to have a lot of familiarity with, and going with a pick that he’s comfortable with isn’t a bad thing for his first move as a GM. Dubas was also able to pick up a 3rd round pick in the process, and given the depth of the draft, there is a very good chance the Leafs will hit on another solid player tomorrow because the Leafs traded down.

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  • lukewarmwater

    The kid did good tonight as he got a fast skating young Swede who is at 186 lbs. already and seems to play a complete game. Plus the leafs sucked the Blues into giving up a third round pick. Nice first day as draft G.M. Kyle.

  • DukesRocks

    Can’t complain with the pick but with Wilde and Samuelsson still on the board, I feel the Leafs dropped the ball. We need size on the backend in a big way. I don’t want to hear Leafs Nation writers complaining “why is Babcock playing Polak”.