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Leafs Qualify Remaining Restricted Free Agents

In the second piece of Leafs news today to be released from the organization, the Leafs have qualified all of their restricted free agents, preventing them from becoming unrestricted free agents on July 1st.

So there’s not a whole lot that needs to be said beyond that, but let’s go through the list anyway.

William Nylander: Qualifying him is a no-brainer, but no the long contract begins. He’s not arbitration eligible, which means this could go on indefinitely and impact when he starts the season if it isn’t resolved by then. On the plus side, when it is done the Leafs will have a very good player back in their lineup.

Andreas Johnsson: He’s very, very good, and now has the AHL hardware to backup that statement. He’ll cost nowhere near Nylander, and you have to wonder if the organization is going to try and lock him up for as long as possible while he’s still affordable.

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Frederik Gauthier: Why? Is there any real reason to bring him back other than familiarity with the other Marlies? Gauthier as an NHLer is a bust, and is barely capable of spot duty at the NHL level. Maybe the AHL championship bought him another year.

Miro Aaltonen: He’s gone to the KHL, but by doing this the Leafs will retain his NHL rights. That’s a #good #move.

Justin Holl: Holl made an interesting splash at the NHL level by scoring in his first two games, and a lot of us hope to see more of him this year. Even if that’s not the case he’ll be a nice addition to the Marlies if he clears waivers. He’s arbitration eligible, but I can’t see it coming to that as long as he gets a one way deal.

Martin Marincin: I still don’t know where I come out on Marincin. I like him until I watch him live, then he upsets me. I think this is the problem most coaches have with him too. His results are good, and he’s a cheap depth option, so I can see why he’s qualified. He’s also arbitration eligible and it will be interesting to see how he fits into the Leafs plans.

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Is This Important News?

No. This is the Leafs just completing their paper work on time. They’ve successfully avoided a Dale Tallon style mishap, and now they can go about the business of signing these players.


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