Leafs Make Several Changes to Staff and Management

Earlier today, the Leafs made a few changes to their staff.

First, they let go of Jacques Lemaire, Jacques Caron, Nikolai Ladygin, Evgeny Namestnikov, and Tommy Albelin.

Lemaire and Caron were special assignment coaches for the Leafs, and as Mirtle states in the tweet, had ties to Lamoriello, so it was probably more likely that they left the organization now that Lou is gone.

The other three were part of the Leafs scouts, and it makes sense for them to be let go after the draft, as it would make little sense to let them go before when they would not only not have the information they paid them to get, but they could then give it to another team.

Then they promoted Dave Morrison to Director of Player Personnel, Troy Bodie to Director of Pro Scouting, and Wes Clark was hired on as Assistant Director of Player Personnel.

Morrison has been in the organization for nearly 15 years as a scout and Director of Pro Scouting, so I’d imagine this is a promotion he’s earned. Bodie was a former Leaf who got a job as a scout in the organization after he retired (most likely due to former president and CEO Tim Leiweke being his father-in-law), although the fact that he’s still here after Leiweke left means that he’s at least earned the job. Meanwhile, Wes Clark joins the organization being familiar with Dubas from the Soo, and also working with the Leafs as a player consultant before leaving to work with the Panthers.

So, what to make of all this. Honestly, not too much, this is pretty much just Dubas cleaning out and changing up the staff after Lou left. Pretty ordinary stuff when new management takes over.

Now Dubas, do the right thing and bring in Hayley Wickenheiser next.

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  • lukewarmwater

    Sad to see an old boys networker as Dave Morrison get a promotion. As the article indeed points out Morrison was either a scout or director of pro scouting when several horrendous leaf draft picks were made. Now the leafs are not alone in keeping around old hacks as I commented to a friend that we saw several ancient, your best days are behind you , struggle to walk up the stairs to congratulate their 2018 top pick still on the N.H.L. pay roll figures who had their day in the sun. Case in point my colleague in the mid 1960’s recall seeing a 25 year old Glen Sather playing with the W.H.L. San Francisco franchise playing in the old still their P.N.E. Vancouver barn the forum. Now both my friend and I are were teenagers now retired years ago. Sad to see these hanger ons still collecting money from a club. It reminds me of Cliff Fletcher the genius of the number one pick I can’t skate at 18 Luke Schenn selected as the number 5 pick by the leafs and immediately moved into the line up as an 18 year old. Btw the way the hopeless Fletcher gave up 2 draft picks to move up from number 7 to 5 to get the hopeless Schenn who thanks to expansion is still hanging on to a paltry N.H.L. career, now with that Stanley Cup contender Coyote team.

  • Tommy Cat

    Why is bringing in Haley Wickenheiser the right thing? Because she’s a woman? They have to hire the best people, the best fit for all jobs regardless of what sex they are. Dubas is the GM of this team …. not your champion Social Justice Warrior.