How Does The Tavares Signing Affect Edmonton?

Listen, I get it. Just be happy we’ve got Tavares, let the haters hate, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the Leafs dynasty decade, no need to worry about what others are saying. Personally, that’s my philosophy on this. Others of you might prefer to laugh at people losing their shit over this, and while Islanders fans are the greatest source for finding people mad online, I prefer to look much closer to home (at least for me, a Leafs fan living in Edmonton) and see how Oilers fans and media are reacting to the news.

Even before the signing we were treated to this. First off, I’d like to take a moment to call Jim Matheson stupid. Secondly, no shit the Leafs could use Karlsson more. This applies for pretty much every team in the league since he’s the best defensemen. The problem, of which there are many here, is that Karlsson isn’t readily available, there is no guarantee the Leafs would get him, and Dorion has already stated he’s not making trades in his division.

Getting past all of that, there isn’t any rule that prevents a team from pursuing two great players. Can mountains be moved to get him later, sure. In the meantime, Jim Matheson is stupid.

“Holy inferiority complex, Batman!” This is another gem. To appreciate this, first we need to enjoy how Oilers fans are only comfortable talking about McDavid and Draisaitl. After that the team gets very sad, very quickly. If this question included a third player, instantly the answer becomes Toronto, even here, where he’s assumed a $12M cap hit for Matthews, it seems like it’s a lot closer than Oilers fans want it to believe.

People really have a hard time with the whole RFA vs. UFA thing, but whatever, when Chiarelli isn’t actively fucking up it is a reason to celebrate for Oilers fans. They can have this.

Also, I can’t believe this didn’t work.

You’re going to love the next seven years.

Still struggling with that whole RFA/UFA thing in Edmonton. Maybe some remedial CBA classes before training camp.

Should be parades. This isn’t going to be a one time thing.

Believe me, If I thought I could turn on Tavares I’d be outside his house wearing a whip cream bikini two hours ago.

Can’t help but notice we’re not comparing condition of their clavicles.

It’s favourable because it’s not being spent on Lucic and Kris Russell. End of story.

At least Cooom is putting it in perspective.

Anyways, like I said at the beginning. This really isn’t about the 30 fanbases that are busy making excuses for why they are happy they don’t have Tavares, this is about the glorious Leafs Nation and our triumphant rise from the ashes to become a team that can hopefully at least make it into the second round of the playoffs next year.

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  • DoobeeDoobeeDubas

    Love the Oiler fans going on and on about Draisaitl. He’s yet to score 30 goals in a season. We have 3 centers that scored over 30+. The past TWO seasons. Talbot’s contract makes Andersen’s look better. Sekera’s contract at 5.5 makes Reilly’s and Gardiner’s contract look like a steal. Lucic’s contract makes everyone’s contract look better. They will be nowhere near the playoffs again this year.

  • I tried it at home

    Oilers fan here, and I admit, I got a good laugh. Well written, and yes, you hit us right in the weak spots. Enjoy your day in the sun, maybe you’ll get more then a half-dozen comments on LN articles out of it

    • LAKID

      Yup very funny article with a too soon write up. Leafs now have a one year window with an over rated player in Taveres and a no show Matthews.The sad part of it Nylander or Marner will be shipped out next year. Leafs are weak on the backend and toughness. The team is not as good now as it was last year.

    • Sammy27

      Toronto has no poor contracts or weak links?…. hmmmm. Wait for the offer sheets…… or RFA, UFA negotiations next year, or Matthews leaving for his hometown discount. Enjoy

      • Drapes55

        I think people forget that when you offer sheet someone, you have to give up a huge package of picks. For Matthews for example, teams would have to give up likely 4, of their own (not traded), 1st round picks. For guys like Willy and Marner you’re looking at 1-2 first rounders, a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder. Are teams really willing to give that up to the Leafs for one guy? Plus, they’d have to convince these guys to even sign these offer sheets which Nylander has already said he will not do and Marner would likely refuse too

  • Derian Hatcher

    Ahhh. The Center of the universe planning a parade….aaaannndd some unknown blogger calling a HHOF writer “stupid”. Business as usual in the big smoke.

  • NHLhockeyfan

    Look funny article but in all seriousness I believe leaf fans need to take a step back. As much as you can make a good case for Edmonton having a terrible year last year , they were recently able to make it to game 7 of the second round while the leafs have blown it in the first round two years in a row. Yes, you can say your Tavares signing is a game changer but your team still lacks team defence and some toughness which is crucial for a good playoff team (ex golden knights/preds). I suggest that you all keep your mouth shut until your team actually proves itself not just on paper. Cut all the “multiple cups ahead” bullsh*t until your team proves it can win when it matters. It’s quite annoying and sad to see so many leafs fans so oblivious to the fact that they aren’t the “best team” in the league all of a sudden.
    P.S. Jim Matheson is a highly respected seniorsports writer not JUST in Edmonton but in the hockey world. Although this article is funny, he is not stupid in the fact that the leafs could use a dman instead of stacking its top 6. Just my opinion

  • Bladesofsteel

    This guy goes from saying plan multiple parades to I hope maybe they make second round next year lol. AND calling other people stupid. And rise from what ashes? Not like the leafs were the oilers the whole time. These toronto dudes are still pissed connor is in edmonton silks. Tavares signing will be just like the lucic signing in a couple years so settle down