Adding to the Superteam

Yesterday it was announced that four-time NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins was signing a one-year, $5 million deal to join the Golden State Warriors. The addition of Cousins gives Golden State, the reigning NBA Champs, a five-man All-Star starting squad with Cousins, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green.

Now, you might be wondering, why is my dude h0ckeyfan talking about hoop’s on a Toronto Maple Leafs website? Well, it’s because the bolstering of the NBA’s Superteam into an even better Superteam got me thinking about the NHL’s Superteam — the Leafs.

On July 1, John Tavares fulfilled a childhood dream of joining his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. After nine long, daunting years on the Island, Tavares finally gets to come home. In doing so, he’s helped turn the Leafs into a Superteam that features a ridiculous core of forwards who will be able to score goals like it’s the goddamn 80s.

With about $13 million in cap room (and even more once Nathan Horton hits the LTIR after the beginning of the season), the Leafs should really be adding to this group. It’s the final year of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner’s entry-level deals, and there’s no need to go the Peter Chiarelli route and waste it like he did with his final cheap year of Connor McDavid.

So, who should the Leafs be adding to this Superteam?

Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson’s days in Ottawa are numbered. Despite him being the best defenceman of this generation, cheapo Eugene Melnyk refuses to pony up the cash to sign him to the contract extension he deserves. Instead, Melnyk is insisting that general manager Pierre Dorion uses Karlsson’s value to dump Bobby Ryan’s hilariously bad contract.

Karlsson makes a lot of sense for the Leafs as the team badly needs an elite righty defenceman. Karlsson will get to fulfill a life-long dream of playing in Toronto while the Leafs will get somebody who can log 30 minutes a night. They can take on Ryan’s deal, make up an injury, and banish him to Robidas island and they’ll get away with it because they’re the Maple Leafs. That’s what they do! The revenue sharing generated by Karlsson’s jersey sales in Toronto will help broke-ass franchises like Ottawa and it could even help Darryl Katz build whatever the fuck he needs the taxpayers to pay for in downtown Edmonton these days.

PK Subban

You think there might be something to the Leafs adding Jordan Subban to the mix on July 1? I think so. Apparently the Predators are sick of Subban and him being good on the ice and not boring as fuck off the ice and they might look to move him. Subban, a native of Toronto, would be a great fit here. Not only is he the righty defenceman the Leafs need, but he’s a great personality who would thrive playing in an important hockey market for the first time in his career.

Jaromir Jagr

The Leafs need some help on the right side of the ice. Not only on the right side of the blueline, but the right side up front too. How about Jaromir Jagr, one of the best right wingers of all time? He had a bad time in Calgary, of course, because everyone on the team always wanted to go to Moxies. That would be brutal. He ended up leaving the team to play in Europe, but that’s no reason to stop him from coming back to the NHL to continue his chase for 2,000 points.

Steven Stamkos

Hey, I know he isn’t a free agent, but maybe after seeing John Tavares follow his dream Stamkos wants to take a mulligan on his decision from 2016. Stamkos was turned off by the Canadian Tire pitch and Old Lou’s military style, but maybe he’s changed his mind since then. The Lightning need to re-sign Nikita Kucherov as his deal expires next summer. Their cap is VERY tight right now and sending Stamkos home to Toronto could open up the space they need to ink Kucherov. I could get on board with Matthews, Tavares, Stamkos, and Kadri being my centre depth.

The Sedins

It’s a damn shame that the Sedins never won a Stanley Cup during their 17-season careers in the NHL. Despite still being effective players, the Sedins called it quits this year because Jim Benning has completely driven the Canucks into the ground. Seriously, watching that team is depressing. Imagine playing on it? Yikes!

Anyways, maybe the Sedins could each sign for a cheap, one-year deal to join the Leafs? They would finally get their winger in William Nylander that the Canucks failed so miserably to find for them.

Mats Sundin

Speaking of it being a shame for somebody to never win a Stanley Cup, I think Mats Sundin should come out of retirement and join the Leafs on a one-year deal. Max Domi said recently he was picking No. 13 with the Habs in order to pay tribute to Sundin, who was like an uncle to him growing up. Well, wouldn’t it be cool if Domi got to watch Sundin and this Superteam pound the Habs multiple times this season first-hand? That seems like the ideal way to begin your Montreal Canadiens career in this Leafs era of dominance.

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  • Hockeysense9393

    WTF was that? I came over here (from the VERY good FN forum) to maybe read about some interesting Tavares news and public perception…and this is what I find first off? Ok. Back to an actual hockey informative site. Good luck Leaf fans!!

  • Matmarwill

    This site usually has some of the best, and generally quite serious, articles on the buds. This article was a refreshing change of pace.

    Sundin would be hilarious. He could probably still make the team as the 4c, tho likely only 5min a night.

    Karlson would cost too much in assets and aav.

    Subban is an interesting option, though nashville would have to retain a lot of salary. PK would probably fit in, especially if he begins wearing Dubas style glasses. ?

    The Sedins are do-able at 1.5m aav each. What a fourth line with Sundin!

    Stevie can stay in TB. And Jaomir can stay in Yurp.