The Leafs promoted someone you’ve probably never heard of to be their director of Amateur scouting

For a while, it seemed like the Leafs were pulling in superstar after superstar to their front office and coaching staff.
Brendan Shanahan? Sheldon Keefe? Boy Genius Kyle Dubas? Lou freakin’ Lamoriello? Mark Hunter? Some Corsi guys? The dude who wrote the CBA? A nerd who made extraskater.com, widely believed to be one of the best analytics sites of all time?

And then, there’s this, an internal promotion we honestly have no feelings on. Honestly, we don’t even know anything about the guy.

Here’s our best joke about the situation.

What our research shows about the hockey man John Lilley is that he played 23 NHL games, three years in Germany, and a lot of time in the American and International Hockey Leagues. Of course, there’s little correlation between someone’s hockey talent and their ability to identify it in others, as they are separate skills and we should pass no judgement on him for having only one NHL game played less than Ross Johnston, who the Islanders signed today to a four-year deal.

Honestly… that’s about all we got. He could be alright, and we could trust Kyle Dubas on this one. Or he could be a disaster, and the Leafs will never draft well from the 25-hole and down ever again.

Is it October yet?

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