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Andreas Johnsson Signs His Qualifying Offer And That Means Things

If you were worried there wouldn’t be any more minor Leafs news trickling in this week, you can rest easy. We’ve got an Andreas Johnsson contract to talk about.

So there’s some interesting pieces to this and we’ll take the Captain Obvious approach:

  1. That’s not a lot of money (relatively. I personally would like to make that in a year)
  2. That’s only one year!

The first one is nice little story. This is going to give the Leafs a bit more flexibility to add deadline rentals, make trades without stressing over money coming and going in the deal, and just generally have a bit more flexibility than most people were counting on in 2018-19.

The second one is scary and it’s because Andreas Johnsson is betting on himself (and/or betting on playing with Matthews, Tavares, or Kadri) and thinks he’s going to light it up in the NHL (which is anything but a bad thing), but let’s say things go very well for him this year and now you will be dealing with significant contracts for Matthews, Marner, Gardiner (maybe), Kapanen, and Johnsson next year. It seems pretty likely that Kapanen is going to take the wait and see approach as well, and frankly why wouldn’t Matthews and Marner do the same?

Most of these players are going to be back given the amount of cap space, but it’s probably pointing to the Leafs being in limbo for the next 12 months on what the cap situation is really going to be. It’s also 12 months to find a new home for Nikita Zaitsev or to talk up the Arizona lifestyle to Patrick Marleau.

I’ll cool it with the “sky is falling” nonsense when we should be focusing on one very important thing, and that is that Andreas Johnsson is signed and ready to go for next year and he’s very good. That also means that William Nylander is the last contract the Leafs have to deal with and we can focus our sense of panic there.


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  • getrdone

    We have talked a lot about Johnsson, but there is this other guy that we thought last year was pretty good and we have not done a lot of mentioning the name of Kapanen, He has scored some significant goals in his young hockey career and looks like a guy you want in a clutch.

    • mst

      Kapanen had as many points per game as Martin. This site overpraises anyone that didn’t grow up in the GTA.

      Kapanen is a very fast fourth liner. But a fourth line none the less

      • Leefer16

        I want to believe that Kappy was being groomed as Uncle Leo’s replacement. I thought he was decent on the PK last year but in my opinion, if Kappy is allowed to line up on the left side with Tavares and Marner, I see 30+ goals from the dude who is there to be the defensive conscious of the other two. Yes, I think this right hand shot should play the left wing with “MarVares” – if he plays a full year with, I think 40+ goals is not a longshot. The guy had a knack for potting big goals (Team Finland WJ gold medal game winner, that tying goal against the Pens that eventually helped get us into the playoffs 2 seasons ago, that feed from Boyle that Kappy buried in OT against the Caps).

  • mst

    Looks like we know who the fourth line winger’s going to be. If you don’t want to commit to the team why would the team commit to you? Smarten up or you’ll find yourself in Leivo limbo Andrea’s!

  • Stan Smith

    Find a new home for Zaitsev? That’s interesting. I didn’t know the Leafs were considering dealing him. Do you have inside info the rest of us don’t?

    • Leefer16

      It’s become a popular opinion that Zaitsev is overpaid for what he brings to the table. He was +8 last year after being -22 in 2016-17. A RD who makes that kind of improvement needs to be coveted, not tossed to the side, especially when RD is the weakest position on this team.