Total Hockey G.O.A.T.: Five Doug Gilmours vs Five Auston Matthews, Who Wins?

In the third installment of our Total Hockey Greatest of All Time series, we finally get to a Leafs-only matchup that’s sure to stir up a good amount of the fanbase. It’s Five Doug Gilmours up against Five Auston Matthewses.

It’ll be interesting to see if people value Killer’s defensive game and absurd amount of small guy grit over Auston’s clear advantage in goal scoring and a major, major mismatch in size.

Up until now we’ve had the following showdowns:

Five Joe Sakics vs Five Evgeni Malkins 

Five Peter Forsbergs vs Five Sergei Fedorovs

As usual, here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve put together:

We’re attempting to see who fans believe is the greatest player of all time through a “Total Hockey” bracket. In this thought experiment we’re pinning five copies of one player versus five of another and asking voters who will win. This bracket is light on the old-days players. Only if a guy really stood out and had a high level of physicality, like Gordie Howe or Phil Esposito, would they get in against new era players. So you’ll see that from the 90s-to-present is well-represented. But don’t worry, all the true top guys are in there. Also, we’ll assume these teams are all playing with the same level of goalie and the players are at their peaks in their careers.

Gameday Lineups


NHL Totals

MATTHEWS 144 74 58 132
GILMOUR 1474 450 964 1414

The question we pose to readers is quite simple: Who wins a hockey game between these two teams?

You can head over vote at our Facebook page or through TLNdc on Twitter. If that’s not doable, just drop a comment with your vote here. We’ll tab them up after twenty-four hours.

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  • Capt.jay

    A healthy Wendell Clark beats them all. Goal scoring, body checking and fought anything that moved. Plus he was a defenceman in junior.

    Thanks for your time.