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Senators associate coach Marc Crawford admits he cheers for the Leafs

There’s two types of people in the world.

Leafs fans, and liars.

To no one’s surprise, one of the Senators organization outed himself as a big Auston Matthews fan,  and by extension, the Leafs.

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In an interview with John Matisz for TheScore, Crawford admitted that while Matthews was playing against his own Senators in his first NHL game, he wanted Matthews to keep scoring against his team.

He’s always had a great capacity to work, he’s always been a guy that is first on the ice and is a tireless worker. He’s taken ownership and control of his career from a very early age. He’s got great parents. He’s very respectful. I love Auston. I feel so fortunate for having been around him for a year and I love seeing the success that he has (earned). The night he scored four goals against us in Ottawa, I was secretly cheering for him (laughs).

Wow. What a classic betrayal, but you can’t expect much else from the Ottawa Senators, am I right? In a season and offseason that’s gone from bad to worse, the Sens just keep it going with the mess.

Crawford DID coach Auston Matthews in Zurich with the ZSC Lions, and it looks like it stuck with him so much that he’s now a sleeper agent.

In other news, we’re now Big Marc Crawford fans.

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