How do you handle the Leafs’ goalie situation this year?

We haven’t argued about goaltending in a while. So we asked our staff: How do you handle the Leafs’ goalie situation this year?

Megan Kim

Should of drafted Mitchell

Cat Silverman

Trade Garrett Sparks to the islanders

That’s Kappy!

Sell high on Garret Sparks and trust in Calvin Pickard. As much as it pains me to say it, Garret Sparks’ value is high and you’re going to lose one of him or Pickard otherwise. Smart asset management doesn’t always involve the easiest decisions, and the Leafs would be wise to get what they can for Sparks or toss him into a package deal. Calvin Pickard has proven himself an NHL-calibre player, so let’s get him into some games.

As for Curtis McElhinney, there’s no way he repeats his magical season. Onto waivers and (hopefully) into a supporting role on the Marlies.

Ryan Hobart

Trade Andersen and McElhinney so you can run Pickard/Sparks because they are best friends and I think that that’s more important than being good.

Jon Steitzer

Trading Sparks to the Islanders seems like something that will happen and if it doesn’t it’s a shame that he’ll be waived to the Marlies because Pickard is the better goaltender and should backup Andersen. Additionally Andersen needs more of a break this year, and Pickard is the goaltender who is most capable of letting him have that rest while not costing Toronto games.

McElhinney exceeded expectations last year, but he’s old and Pickard is more than ready to take the job. There has to be a team out there that would happily pick him up for a late round pick or off waivers paving the way for Kaskisuo to own the net for the Marlies this year.

Scott Maxwell

Hot take: use one of the press box spots for an extra goalie and run a three man goalie tandem of Freddy, Pickard and Sparks. It’ll give Freddy the rest he needs, and Pickard and Sparks can try to win over Babs and boost their trade value at the NHL level.

Adam Laskaris

galaxy brain.gif

Cam Lewis

if the leaf’s didn’t trade up to traft Tyler Biggs, they could have John Gibson in net


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  • Brandon

    This article is interesting in that everyone uniformly likes Pickard more than Sparks. Myself, I thought Pickard looked shaky in his Leafs appearance last year, and I think any judgement of Sparks’ NHL performance three years ago has to be tempered with recognition of the team that was in front of him. Doesn’t the head-to-head better performance of Sparks compared to Pickard this year in the AHL mean anything? He seems like a great goalie who keeps getting better, and now everyone wants to trade him. Weird to me.

  • Matmarwill

    Sparks has consistently improved as a goalie. He was the best goalie in the ahl last season, including better than Pickard (who had a reasonable sample size of starts). The goalies that win the ahl goalie of the year award generally become respectable nhl goalies. Sparks is almost ten years younger than McElhinney. So, Sparks should get promoted to be the leafs’ nhl backup, McElhinney gets traded and Pickard is the starter on the marlies. Simple as that.

    • Drapes55

      Agreed, another option is depending on where they see Ian Scott fitting best next year. They could trade 2 of McElhinney, Sparks or Pickard and have one as the back up leaving Kaskisuo and Scott as the AHL tandem

  • Skill2Envy

    Trade Sparks. His value is high and I just don’t see him as an NHL goalie. He makes saves that tend to show his positioning is weak and he relies of quick reactions to being in poor position.

    Pickard is an NHL caliber goalie and has a positive, reasonable sample size at the NHL level. A safe bet to handle 20-25 games without worry and fill in for extended time if need be.